Hard-Surface Floor Cleaning in a Pinch

by | Oct 23, 2015

In any business environment, thorough, detailed cleaning is the ideal. But sometimes, spending extra hours on hard-surface floor cleaning just isn’t feasible. Whether you’re pressed for time, lacking in staff, or simply needing to stretch your cleaning budget, sometimes you have to do a ‘quick clean’ now and save the details for later.

This doesn’t mean giving up on thorough cleaning altogether, though. It’s still possible to get your floors clean with a quick treatment in a pinch. Your cleaning process, as well as the tools you use, can make all the difference.

Handling Large Areas

Do you have a large room with what feels like no time to get the whole floor clean? For hard-surface floor cleaning in larger areas, such as meeting rooms, cafeterias, and gyms, the mop-and-bucket approach is simply an ineffective waste of time. You’ll want to rely on portable machinery like an Kaivac AutoVac Floor to accomplish the job. These machines do the job of a large autoscrubber, but they have a smaller footprint and require less effort. They’re also more affordable, so they’ll save you in labor costs while still getting your floors clean. Start in the far corner away from the door and work your way toward the exit, so you don’t have to cover the same area twice.

Tackling Large Restrooms

If you’ve got large restrooms with tile walls, the best way to clean the entire room, including the floor, is by using an all-purpose, no-touch cleaning system. Even if you don’t have time to get to all the touch points at the moment, your employees can still manage a thorough cleaning of the room by spraying the soil that’s on the walls and floor and then vacuuming it up in one simple device. These machines allow completely touch-free cleaning, which means any employee can clean the restrooms and have them done in a fraction of the time that older cleaning methods used to take.

Cleaning Kitchens and Smaller Restrooms

Kitchen and restroom floors can present special challenges. In the kitchen you’ll often find many forms of grease and biological substances, like juice from foods. In the restrooms, the floors are often contaminated with soil and germs that pose health risks. While a thorough cleaning is crucial, that doesn’t mean you have to spend excess time doing it. A Kaivac Dispense-and-Vac system can leave your floors clean and germ-free in a matter of minutes.

For more information on Kaivac technology for cleaning commercial hard-surface floors, visit our Floor Cleaning section.

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