Clean Your Refrigerators the Smart, Easy, Kaivac Way

One of the biggest investments in any supermarket, refrigeration units and food coolers, present some of the biggest cleaning hassles. Clogged drains, dusty fans, dirty condenser coils, and crusty shelves make your coolers and refrigerators work too hard. Clean them completely, from evaporator coils to drains and from fans to shelves, and they’ll run more efficiently and save you money. In fact, a clean cooler uses up to 35% less energy than a dirty one, plus they smell better and look cleaner – it’s a clean your customer will notice. Beyond energy savings, a clean cooler runs better and requires fewer repairs and has fewer breakdowns.

The Kaivac Cooler Case Cleaner gets food coolers and refrigerators completely clean with minimal effort, delivering results that you and your customers will notice. It’s an all-in-one solution to spray, clean and vacuum away the germs, dirt, food residue, and liquids that are eating away at your profits. A major national grocery retailer was so impressed with the CCC, that they purchased more than 4,600 units—one for every store. Discover what Kaivac can do to keep everything clean throughout your store, from refrigerators to floors to restrooms to delis and food service areas, there’s a Kaivac solution to keep your stores clean that’s easy on your budget and easy on your employees.

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Solve Every Grocery Store Cleaning Challenge

Supermarkets and other retail stores simply risk too much by not cleaning and sanitizing properly all across the store. Unclean restrooms are judged very harshly by shoppers who expect completely clean and odor-free bathroom experiences. Food service areas and aisle floors need deeper cleaning that just a mop can handle. Check out the complete line of store cleaning solutions from Kaivac.

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