The  All Floor™ cleaning system is designed to deeply clean high volumes of both hard surface flooring and carpeting on a single platform, with the ability to easily switch between modes for the best of both worlds. The All Floor eliminates the need for single-purpose floor cleaning machines by combining multiple capabilities into a single system.

See the All Floor in Action

All Floor Benefits

  • Combo machine – the All Floor replaces 4+ pieces of expensive equipment, such as: auto scrubbers, wide-area carpet machines, wet and dry mopping systems, wet and dry canister vacuums, and backpack vacuums.
  • High productivity – the All Floor cleans up to 25,000 square footage per hour. That’s five times faster than wet mopping and two times faster than a 22-inch walk behind scrubber.
  • Easy-to-learn – the All Floor includes the industry’s best training system and is much easier to learn than 4+ single-purposed cleaning machines.
  • Easy-to-store – the All Floor takes up a fraction of the space compared to multiple pieces of equipment and has minimal battery charging needs.
  • Simple to maintain and repair – the All Floor was designed so that anyone can repair. No more need for service calls and specialized technicians.
  • No paper filters required – the All Floor uses water as a filter, capturing and containing even the finest of dust particles. No more need to use and replace dusty paper filters that end up the the landfill.

All Floor Features

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