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Busy office buildings require frequent deep cleaning and constant maintenance to stay clean and safe for employees and visitors. The janitorial staff has limited time to accomplish these tasks and there’s no room for error—bathrooms need to be clean and dry and floors spotless at the beginning of each day. After-hours cleaning staff and day janitors need the right equipment to quickly, efficiently, and discretely clean areas as problems emerge.

Kaivac cleaning machines and specially-formulated cleaners are designed to clean large office buildings quickly and deliver amazing cleaning results with ease. Kaivac cuts janitorial labor costs with reliable, nimble, easy-to-use equipment that gently powers away dirt and grime and disinfects restrooms, floors, or any hard surface in a short period of time.

Our cleaning equipment is built to last and perform dependably every time. Our spray-and-vac machines like the KaiVac 1250 No-Touch Cleaning system remove 60 times the dirt and grime of a mop and work 35% faster, and your staff doesn’t have to touch surfaces to clean perfectly.

Clean SchoolsAll types of floors and open spaces can be cleaned best with our simple, fast, and effective AutoVac or AutoVac Stretch machines. They can be operated correctly with just a few minutes of training. The AutoVac can clean at a rate of 20,000 sq ft per hour and, in most cases, eliminates the need for dust mopping and trail mopping completely. This machine picks up dirt, salt, and grime and leaves floors dry.

Isn’t it time to make cleaning fast, safe, effective at your building? Talk to an expert at Kaivac and see how a Kaivac machine can deliver better results and a quick ROI.

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