Cleaning Is Easier with Spray-and-Vac

Kaivac Spray-and-Vac is built to clean heavily soiled areas to remove dirt and bacteria completely. This versatile machine makes mops and buckets obsolete, so you never touch a mop or contaminated surfaces again. Perfect for cleaning restrooms, animal shelters and kennels with hard-to-reach surfaces that can harbor nasty viruses and biocontamination. Instead of scrubbing and applying layers of expensive disinfectant, the Spray-and-Vac system blasts away soil and germs and completely removes all liquids and contaminants for a perfectly clean result every time.

Clean SchoolsCleaning is easy, just apply the automatically diluted cleaning solution to fixtures, tile floors, walls, and any hard surface that needs to be deeply cleaned. Then, rinse with the 500 psi indoor pressure washer to flush out soils in grout lines and tight places that a mop could never reach. Finally, vacuum the floor completely dry for a satisfying and totally clean result in less time than mopping.

Studies show that Kaivac Spray-and-Vac systems are up to 60 times more efficient in removing bacteria than traditional mopping.

Popular Features of Spray-and-Vac

Kaivac’s Spray-and-Vac machine is specially designed to remove the maximum amount of soil and bio-pollution. Spray-and-Vac has a built-in pressure washer spray and powerful wet vacuum that lets you clean floors, fixtures, and hard surfaces much better in less than half the time of mopping.

Spray and Vac

The Kaivac Spray-and-Vac quickly cleans floors and surfaces 60 times better than a mop.

  1. VERSATILE VACUUM WAND WITH SQUEEGEE HEAD BRUSH allows users to brush, clean grout and vacuum under fixtures, floors and seating .
  2. 500 PSI PUMP for applying cleaning solutions and pressure rinsing with fresh water.
  3. 35 FT. CRUSH-PROOF VACUUM HOSE cleans large areas efficiently and completely.
  4. POWERFUL VACUUM MOTOR removes all soil and water leaving the area dry and ready for use.
  5. SPRAY LINE WITH GUN long line to supply pre-mixed chemicals or fresh water rinse.
  6. VAC TANK WITH DUMP HOSE allows quick draining of 10 gallon vacuum tank contents into a toilet or sink.
  7. 10 GALLON FRESH WATER TANK will make sure you never clean with dirty water.
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