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High Performance Floor Cleaning Without a Mop

AutoVac™ is an automated high-performance floor cleaning machine that is 3-4 times faster than any mop. Instead of spreading around soils, the AutoVac actually removes them completely leaving nearly any floor type clean and dry. The results are impressive and cleaners will like how quickly and smoothly they can clean every floor. Easy to operate with very low costs of ownership.

In comparative tests run by a major university, the AutoVac machine removed 99.8% of targeted soil performing even better than a traditional autoscrubber that costs much more. The one-pass cleaning process from AutoVac lets you clean more than 20,000 sq. ft. per hour for excellent productivity.  AutoVac is available in both cordless and corded models letting you choose how you wish to power your machine.

Floor stripping and finishing are simplified by using the AutoVac machine. Apply fresh stripper through the rear spigot and agitate. When ready, dispense fresh water and wet vacuum the floor dry.  To finish, allow a precise flow of floor finish from the spigot with smooth microfiber application for level coat of finish with no bubbles or streaks. The AutoVac is a highly versatile cleaning machine that will make you throw away your dirty mops.

Watch How the AutoVac Cleans Flooring Better Than a Mop

AutoVac Benefits: 

  • No more mop and buckets! Stop spreading around dirty water.
  • Completely Cleans Floors – Removes 99.8% of targeted soils in less time than any autoscrubber. 
  • 25% Shinier Floors – Non-abrasive cleansing action is gentle and shines floors better.
  • Cleans Faster – Clean more than 20,000 square feet per hour without needing to refill.
  • Easy to Use, Onboard Training – No technician required, easy to learn, easier to maintain.
  • Costs Less to Own – Initial purchase price is a fraction of most autoscrubbers.

Popular Features of AutoVac

The AutoVac is the smarter, better solution to cleaning large areas better, faster and costs way less than autoscrubbers.  Cleaning 20,000 square feet per hour, this powerhouse gently removes dirt and grime to leave floors shiny and dry.


The AutoVac cleans large areas better and faster than a mop or autoscrubber.

  1. Industrial-Strength Vacuum Motor enables unmatched soil removal and water extraction.
  2. Lithium-Ion Battery Box (Optional) for high-performance cordless cleaning with long life per charge.
  3. 10 Gallon Vacuum Tank for collecting soiled water solution.
  4. 10 Gallon Solution Tank keeps the cleaning solution always clean and fresh.
  5. Microfiber Pad and Drop Down Squeegee for even spreading to clean and efficient removal of soils and solution leaving floors clean and dry.
  6.  Easy Flushing Dump Hose allows quick and ergonomic draining of tank contents into toilet or sink.
  7. Raised ‘Thumb Throttle’ with long spigot handle for easy “no bend” control while dispensing solution.
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