Kennel Cleaning Machines for Pets and Animal Care

Instead of scrubbing and applying layers of expensive disinfectant, the Kaivac Spray-and-Vac system blasts away soils and contaminants and then vacuums them up for a perfectly clean result every time. Kaivac offers a number of portable multipurpose cleaning solutions for pet facilities.  No floor drains? No problem. Our No-Touch Cleaning systems allow workers to thoroughly clean floors, kennels, examination rooms, grooming areas, and any other hard surface 60 times better than mops – without having to touch contaminated areas and unpleasant soils and surfaces.

Get Your Kennels Completely Clean

Want a clean you can’t smell? That’s what we call Kaivac clean. In independent tests, Kaivac cleaning machines get floors 60 times cleaner than a mop, and they do it 25% faster. Extraction technology removes dirt, bacteria, biowaste and other contaminants from all surfaces in a single pass. Will your employees be fighting over who gets to clean your kennels? Probably not, but you will have cleaner kennels in less time, freeing them up for other tasks.

Cleaning Animal and Pet Care Facilities

Our Recommended Solutions

Product KV1750

KaiVac 1750

Product Spray and Vac


Kaio Multipurpose Cleaner

KaiBosh Disinfectant

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