Cut Kitchen Floor Cleaning Costs by 50%

We know you’re busy, so we’ll cut right to the chase. The cordless UniVac can reduce your overhead associated with end-of shift floor cleaning by about 50% while removing 30-60x more soil and grease than a mop. That’s a repeatable result from (1) reducing the labor resources needed to clean the floors each night and (2) cutting cleaning supply costs in half. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our users have experienced:

Reduce Annual Overhead by 56%

One of the nation’s largest food service providers reduced annual overhead associated with end-of-day cleaning by 56%.

Cut Floor Cleaning Time by 1/2

Employees at Popeye’s went from spending 30 minutes mopping the floors to doing the same work in 10-15 minutes. 

Reduce the Number of Closers

“At night we used to have two servers close. Now we only need one.” Jake H., Buffalo Wings & Rings

Overcome Staffing Shortages

“Even if a shift is down one or two people, everyone clocks out at a reasonable time.” Jennifer Spencer, Dairy Queen Grill and Chill

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Buffalo Wild Wings
Dairy Queen
Jersey Mike's

Greasy Kitchen Floors Need a Better Cleaning Process Than Mopping

The standard floor care process that most restaurants use is fundamentally broken. A mop and bucket, deck brush, and squeegee simply cannot maintain the floor to a like-new standard. The mop becomes fully saturated shortly into the job, and, after that, it begins spreading soils everywhere, leaving a thin film of grease on every surface it touches.

As the worker continues to mop day after day, that film of grease builds up. Food shed gets pushed into corners and under appliances. Floors become slippery and dangerous, while the grease and food waste become a food source for pests. What happens next? It could be a costly slip-and-fall accident or an even more costly failed health inspection. The restaurant could even be forced to close – all because of poor cleaning.

Management might be tempted to blame the worker, but it isn’t the worker’s fault. They have been set up to fail with a faulty process. A worker can do their absolute best on the job, but they can’t win with a mop. That’s why Kaivac created UniVac – our compact, no-mop system that cleans 30-60x better than a mop.

See the UniVac in Action

The Importance of Cleaning for Best Customer Experience and Brand Image

Within minutes of walking into a restaurant, customers get a vivid picture of how an establishment handles cleaning. And, if they don’t like what they see, they probably aren’t coming back.

Are any of these scenarios familiar to you?

  • Sidewalk areas darkened from grease-covered foot traffic
  • Entrances that are visibly dirty with soils tracked in from outside or from the kitchen
  • Dining area floors that are noticeably dirty or sticky, with buildup in the corners
  • Restrooms that reek with stubborn odors, stained grout lines, and dirty baseboards

It’s easy to see how this happens. Restaurant kitchens generate large volumes of greasy soils that migrate through the facility. Throw in food and drink spills, weather-related soils, and busy restrooms, and the problem is compounded. To elevate the customer experience and protect brand image, restaurants need a versatile, effective floor cleaning system.

The UniVac handles all these problems in one compact, easy-to-learn system. It stops greasy foot traffic at the source, the kitchen floor, creating a pristine slip-resistant surface. The UniVac is ready to address wet weather tracked in the entrance or a spill by the drink station, cleaning 30-50% faster than a mop and leaving floors immediately dry and safe to use. In the dining room, the UniVac quickly captures stubborn soils from the grout lines to the corners and creates a clean space for a satisfying dining experience. To avoid cross contamination, simply swap the wand head and move into the restroom to clean odor-causing urine residue off the floor. You can even wheel the cordless UniVac outside to address those dark grease stains on the sidewalk. This machine can truly handle any floor cleaning challenge a restaurant throws at it.

Empowered and Trained Workers

Most restaurant workers did not apply for the job because they wanted to clean at the end of a shift. It’s a secondary function of their role. To get the best from employees, managers need to make the job simple, repeatable, and easy to get to a great result. The UniVac is not only easy to learn, but Kaivac makes training simple and accessible with the KaiNect app.

The KaiNect app houses a library of training and maintenance videos, making it convenient to brush up on skills whenever needed. KaiNect also alerts management about machine usage, sending a notification when the machine lies unused. This can help management identify a need for training or a maintenance issue with the machine.

Floor Safety for Workers and Customers

According to ISSA, the worldwide cleaning association, more than 4 million food service workers and patrons are injured each year from slip and fall accidents. The good news is that up to 85% of these accidents can be prevented by changing the way you clean your floors, according to the National Floor Safety Institute.

After mopping, floors remain wet and unsafe for 20-30 minutes of dry time. Even after the floors dry, greasy residue creates a slip hazard. Powered by vacuum removal, the UniVac sucks up moisture, leaving floors dry, grease-free, and safe to use for employees and customers alike.

We clean all our tiled flooring with it and have noticed a much cleaner floor with greater slip resistance…my employees love using it.

– Dennis Kurlas, Riverbank Cafe

Clean Restrooms Send a Message

A Cintas survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that 86 percent of U.S. adults equate the cleanliness of a restaurant’s restroom with the cleanliness of its kitchen. That spells disaster for most restaurants, where the restroom is frequently a source of complaints and embarrassment. The UniVac takes the largest surface in the restroom – the floor – and returns it to a like-new condition, removing odor-causing soils and leaving grout lines and baseboards clean. A restroom cleaned with the UniVac sends a message to customers: this restaurant cares about cleanliness.

Bam! Boom! KaiPow!

Cleaning Chemicals Packet Univac Kaivac
For best results, use the UniVac with KaiPow, a specially formulated degreaser for foodservice. KaiPow breaks down greasy soils and floats them in solution, so they can be vacuumed up and removed from the environment. KaiPow is low foaming and formulated to protect the machine. If you choose to use KaiPow, Kaivac extends a lifetime warranty on the UniVac motor.

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