Kaivac Machines Solve Crime Scene Cleanup Challenges

Traditional cleaning tools do a poor job of removing soils, blood, bacteria, viruses, and other biological threats. From virus risk mitigation to crime scene cleanup to illicit drug operations, the most challenging cleaning needs require the most effective cleaning equipment. To minimize the risk of cross contamination and infection, certified technicians and custodians need to avoid touching while thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

Kaivac cleaning machines are engineered to help Crime Scene Cleanup Technicians to accomplish some of the toughest cleaning challenges imaginable. We offer No-Touch Cleaning machines that combine automatic chemical metering and injection with an indoor pressure washer and powerful wet vacuum to deep clean without ever touching a mop, bucket, rag, spray bottle or contaminated surface. The easy-to-use KaiVac 1750 No-Touch Cleaning system is highly effective and proven to completely capture and remove all biohazards.

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We even make it easy to prove your surfaces are clean with the easy-to-use SystemSURE PLUS™ ATP Measurement System. This clean measurement technology delivers quickly, making it easy for your cleaning staff to test and to prove that surfaces are adequately cleaned and safe.

Recommended Solutions for Crime Scene Cleanup

Product KV1750

KaiVac 1750

Product Spray and Vac


KaiBosh Disinfectant Cleaner

KaiBosh Disinfectant

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