The Kaivac Story

As long as there have been toilets, janitors have been on their hands and knees swabbing and wiping them clean (or almost clean). This dirty job is why worker morale is so low and the turnover rate so high in the cleaning industry.

To address the pressing need for a safer, more dignified, and better method of cleaning restrooms, Bob Robinson, Sr., founded Kaivac, Inc., and cleaning has never been the same.

Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® System is Born.

By combining pressure washing, chemical injection, wet vacuuming, and other tools on a single platform, Robinson Sr. revolutionized how restrooms get cleaned. This combination of capabilities created the first No-Touch Cleaning system, the KaiVac. This machine is easier, faster, and deep cleans soils better than any other method.

Cleaning Gym

The Kaivac cleaning machine not only works wonders on restrooms but has been enhanced to tackle just about every surface and space throughout a building. Floors, walls, classrooms, restrooms, stairwells, kitchens, hallways, and more are all effectively and efficiently cleaned and disinfected with our easy-to-use, No-Touch Cleaning systems. Consequently, many customers now use them in place of auto scrubbers, carpet extractors, dry and wet vacuums, grout machines, mops, buckets, and more.


But We’re Still Innovating!

Kaivac’s approach to innovation is to deliver fewer machines and cleaning chemicals that are truly multipurpose. Why? Drastically reduced costs, simplified cleaning procedures and management, and greater productivity for every worker. In this way, Kaivac is helping organizations achieve cleaner, healthier buildings within their existing budgets.

Driven by a passion to deliver innovation to the Jan/San industry, we continually search for new ways to solve old problems. Our efforts begin with the worker. We literally put ourselves in their shoes and continually strive to make every job easier, make them more productive, and add dignity to their day-to-day tasks. When workers are successful, everybody wins.


What’s in OUR Name?

Bob Robinson Sr. wanted to name the first machine he invented with words that described wind, water and power, but found that other equipment manufacturers had already registered his choices. So, he had to create an original name for his new cleaning machine. He asked his sons, Steve and Bob Jr., to find a name that was easy to say and easy to remember. They came back with the name Kai, which was a secret word from their fraternal oath during college but wouldn’t reveal the meaning of the word.

Kaivac Banner

Bob liked the name, but created his own meanings for it:

  • “KAI” officially stands for:
  • Keep At It
  • Keep Always Improving
  • Keep Attempting the Impossible


Kaivac will be the World Leader in creating complete cleaning systems that produce healthy results and the best possible outcomes.


To glorify God by using Kaivac as an instrument for Good.


Starting with the restroom, Kaivac will innovate, market, and train the world to use scientifically proven cleaning systems that:

  • Economically are “better, faster, and cheaper”
  • Environmentally are “lean, green, and mean soils and bacteria
  • Raise the value of the Cleaning Industry and the dignity of the worker

Core Values

Complete Cleaning Starts Here

Kaivac develops science-based hygienic cleaning systems that protect the health of building occupants while raising the value of cleaning operations.

Cleaning Restroom

 All of our cleaning technologies are designed from the start to remove the maximum amount of potentially harmful soils and bio-pollution in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Just as important, Kaivac incorporates scientific measurement into its systems to ensure hygienic outcomes for total facility wellness. Because, when it comes to potentially harmful microbial contamination, it’s important that you remove it, then prove it.





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