Kaivac Helps Building Service Contractors Clean Better

Kaivac cleaning machines and specially-formulated commercial cleaning chemicals are designed to help you provide your customers with the best cleaning results possible every single time. Kaivac cuts your labor costs while delivering better cleaning results you can see. You can prove to your customers just how clean using the latest ATP technology to test for contaminants.

You get a quick return on investment because superior cleaning helps you win and keep customers longer. Why change your cleaning when Kaivac helps your crews keep their facility completely clean?

Clean SchoolsBSC companies have always been among our strongest customer relationships. Their direct feedback helps Kaivac to continually create innovative solutions to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges. Our cleaning equipment and commercial floor cleaning machines are built to last and perform dependably for years to come.

The on-board KaiTutor training system provides an interactive training manual on the machine, so on-the-job training is easy and takes the guesswork out of operation. The metered dispenser systems and Kaivac chemicals minimize waste and ensure perfect results every job, every time.

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Replace complicated, single-purposed, and expensive equipment with smarter engineered cleaning systems that are portable, very easy to train, and get your accounts cleaner, faster. Get information via email and learn how to get every facility you serve completely clean faster and more efficiently, every time.

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