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High-performance Cleaning Chemicals Formulated For Kaivac Machines

Kaivac delivers complete, engineered systems designed to achieve outstanding cleaning results. This includes high-quality cleaning chemistry. We have an effective cleaning formula for virtually any task, whether for cleaning, disinfecting, degreasing, or spotting. Kaivac Neutral Floor CleanerEach formulation is designed to attack specific soils inherent in various settings, like restrooms, kitchens, manufacturing, healthcare, schools, and more.

Our chemicals are designed specifically for use with our wet vacuum systems. This prevents excess foam and useless suds that fill up the collection tank too quickly causing premature shutoff, or worse, damage to the vacuum motor. Kaivac’s chemicals are free rinsing for fast, spot-free drying. We are so confident in the performance and suitability of our chemicals that we extend our equipment warranty to customers who use them exclusively.

Kaivac Cleaning Solutions Work Best with Kaivac Machines

  • High-quality low-foaming chemicals designed specifically for wet vacuum cleaning systems.
  • Exclusive use of Kaivac chemicals increases the life span of our machines, so we extend our warranty!
  • Available in gallon jugs or pre-measured packets to fit your system of choice.
  • Safety cap system control usage and keep workers safe.
    • Built-in check valve prevents back-flow into the chemical bottle
    • Color-coded tips control accurate metering of our chemicals
    • Built-in filter prevents contamination of chemical injector, pump and spray gun
    • Deeply colored to ensure visibility in the chemical line and at the gun so you know it’s working
  • Designed to attack specific soils in restrooms, kitchens, industrial, healthcare, schools, and more.

The Power of Pre-Measured Packets

Kaivac’s pre-measured cleaning chemical packets eliminate the problems associated with traditional dispensing approaches. With Kaivac’s portable chemical packets, workers take everything they need to complete their cleaning duties in one trip. If more chemical is needed, they just refill their mop- or trolley-bucket at any water source, then add just the right amount of pre-measured product in seconds. Nothing could be more simple, accurate, cost-effective, or productive.

Pre-measured Packets Eliminate Guesswork

  • Eliminates the need for costly, failure-prone dispensing systems.
  • Improves accuracy and eliminates guesswork, ensuring the correct chemical dilution for the cleaning task at hand. 
  • Improves inventory control and accountability. Managers always know how much cleaning chemical is being used.
  • Improves productivity because workers no longer need to return to the janitor’s closet or dilution station.
  • Precise portion and inventory control mean better control of cleaning processes and results.
  • Works with Kaivac’s OmniFlex systems, all flat and string mopping systems, and many automated floor scrubbers.
  • Exclusive use of Kaivac chemicals increases the life span of our machines, so we extend your warranty.


  • Available in 8 oz. pre-measured packets or 1-gallon jugs.
  • Available in convenient 30-pack cases for easy inventory management, transport, and shipping.

Available in Gallon Jugs and Pre-Measured Packets

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