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Kaivac Smarter Cleaning Machines—Better, Faster, Cleaner.

There’s a Kaivac cleaning system for every situation. We invented the indoor spray-and-vac cleaning machine more than 20 years ago, and since then we haven’t stopped designing and building innovative, cost-effective solutions. Our experienced engineers and inventors have created a complete line of smarter cleaning systems that get surfaces really clean, really fast. Explore our cleaning machines and discover the supporting cleaning solutions, tools, accessories, and parts.

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no touch cleaning

No-Touch Cleaning 

Case Cooler Refrigeration Cleaning

Cooler Case Cleaner

Spray and Vac cleaning


Battery Powered Floor Cleaning

AutoVac Stretch

AutoVac Floor Cleaning


Univac Wet Vac


Dispense and Vac Kitchen Cleaning


Janitor’s Cart


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