Restroom Cleaning is Vital to the Health of a Facility 

Restroom cleaning scores the top spot as the number one building maintenance concern year after year. It almost certainly holds the title as the number one building health hazard too. That’s because the public restroom is a primary source of bacteria within a building. More alarming, studies confirm that many pollutants originate in the restroom and ultimately make their way throughout a building, endangering the health of occupants and visitors. In reality, you can’t have a truly healthy building without hygienically cleaned restrooms.

Restroom Cleaning
  1. Disease-causing germs and bacteria can live on surfaces for weeks if not cleaned properly.
  2. The spot the mop can’t reach – corners trap soils from mops, leaving a ring of dirt and germs.
  3. Expensive fixtures and surfaces mean that restrooms cost the highest amount per square foot in a building and are the #1 source of complaints.
  4. Keeping floors clean and dry eliminates odors and reduces the risk of slip-and fall accidents.
  5. Toilets are a telltale sign of a dirty restroom, and every flush can spread aerosolized contaminants.

The Problem with Mops

Traditional mops do a poor job of cleaning restrooms. Instead of removing soils, bacteria, and other contaminants, mops excel at spreading. Plus, they stress the joints during use and often lead to motion repetition injuries. Kaivac designs restroom cleaning equipment to thoroughly remove restroom contaminants in order to eliminate odors and reduce the risk of disease for the safest, healthiest results. In fact, independent lab tests prove that Kaivac cleaning machines are up to 60 times more effective at removing bacterial contamination than mops. Mops spread contaminants more often than they remove them.

Don’t Just Clean It, Kaivac it

Our restroom cleaning machines not only clean better, but also cut labor, chemical, and equipment costs while raising worker morale and image. No-Touch Cleaning systems combine automatic chemical metering and injection, an indoor pressure washer, and a powerful wet vacuum into a single integrated system. The chemical metering ensures accurate dilution and a savings of up to 90%. 

Kaivac machines also dramatically increase productivity compared to conventional cleaning methods. According to ISSA, it takes an average of three minutes to clean a restroom fixture. However, in many restrooms, Kaivac’s systems cut that time to one minute, leaving surfaces sparkling clean in one-third of the time. 

Plus, workers no longer have to crawl around restroom floors or wipe fixtures and surfaces by hand. The ergonomic systems also leave floors completely dry, reducing the risk of slip-fall injuries. Regardless of stature or physical ability, Kaivac’s cleaning systems allow workers to deep clean surfaces and fixtures, while producing the same healthy results every time.

See Kaivac Restroom Cleaning Systems in Action

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