In today’s busy supermarkets, the cleaning never stops. With accidental spills, weather-soaked entryways, greasy prep kitchens, and busy restrooms, there is always an area that needs attention. Even the cooler cases, one of a grocery store’s biggest equipment investments and energy users, benefit from regular cleaning.

That is why the world’s largest retailers and leading U.S. grocery chains rely on Kaivac. Powered by advanced technology, Kaivac cleaning machines use vacuum extraction to fully remove dirt, soils, and pathogens from every corner of a supermarket. Team members can quickly clean floors, fixtures, and more—without ever touching a mop or a dirty surface.

Uncover what top supermarket chains already know. Kaivac technology delivers superior, repeatable results to keep your entire grocery store clean, efficient, and safe.

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Designed to safely display produce, meats, dairy products, and more, expensive refrigeration equipment fills modern supermarkets. Regular cleaning is the best way to keep these coolers running efficiently. Dirty evaporator coils force the motor to work harder leading to higher energy bills and early equipment failure. HVAC professionals would gladly come out to clean coolers, but that service gets expensive fast.

Leading supermarket chains found a better way to save energy and keep equipment clean while extending its life. The Cooler Case Cleaner by Kaivac allows store employees to quickly and safely service units in house.

Like all Kaivac machines, the Cooler Case Cleaner uses a powerful wet vacuum to remove dirt, moisture, and debris from inside the case. A specially adapted pressure washer thoroughly cleans units while protecting delicate parts. The technology is easy to learn, safe to operate, and adaptable for use in other parts of the supermarket.


Supermarket shoppers expect sparkling clean, fresh smelling restrooms every single time they need one. That means tasking employees with one of the most unpleasant maintenance jobs around. After all, no one wants to get close to, or touch, disgusting restroom messes.

That’s why leading grocery retailers rely on No-Touch Cleaning® systems from Kaivac for restroom cleaning. These advanced machines empower employees to remove dirt, soils, and dangerous pathogens from toilets, urinals, sinks, floors, and walls quickly and completely—without getting close to or touching unpleasant messes.


Busy supermarket floors take constant abuse from foot traffic, shopping carts, heavy restock trollies loaded with product, and more. Yet shoppers expect clean, shiny floors with no scuffs, mars, or dingy corners. Autoscrubbers do an okay job cleaning floors, but these machines are expensive, complicated, and require constant service.

The AutoVac Stretch™ from Kaivac offers a better way. Combining extreme soil removal technology with a unique filtering system, the AutoVac Stretch cleans more than 25,000 square feet an hour without needing to stop and refill. The technology is easy for employees to learn, requires minimal maintenance, and costs half of most autoscrubbers on the market.

Plus, it leaves floors clean, shiny, and dry. Because it works so quickly and completely, the battery-operated AutoVac Stretch is also great for spill response. Team members simply run the AutoVac Stretch over the spill, allowing the machine’s powerful vacuum to suck up the mess. No brooms, dustpans, or hard-to-find drying chemicals required (and because it’s battery-powered there are no cords to accidentally trip over).


Floors in supermarket delis, in-store cafes, and food prep areas present unique cleaning challenges. Basically tiny restaurants, these busy spaces are crammed with equipment and people. By the end of the day the floors are dirty and greasy with bits of fallen food pushed under counters, ovens, and fryers. Mops cannot effectively clean messes like this, but they are great at holding on to grease and spreading it around.

That is why leading grocery retailers choose the UniVac® from Kaivac to clean these specialty floors areas. Nimble enough to navigate tight spaces, the cord-free UniVac uses powerful vacuum extraction to fully remove dirt and grease from floors.

 The compact UniVac is also great for spill response and entryway maintenance. Employees simply vacuum away rain, ice, mud, and accidental messes. The floor is left clean, dry, and ready to walk on.

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View our Grocery Cleaning Brochure featuring the Cooler Cleaner. You’ll see that Kaivac has a machine to solve cleaning challenges throughout your store including spill response, restroom cleaning, hard surface and carpeted floors, kitchens, and more.

Our Recommended Solutions for Supermarket Cleaning

Product Cooler Cleaner

Cooler Case Cleaner

offers a simple, effective solution for maintaining refrigerated display cases.

Product AutVac Stretch

AutoVac Stretch

AutoVac Stretch™ is a simple high-speed system for cleaning wide-area hard surface areas like hallways, cafeterias, warehouses, fitness areas and more.

Product UniVac


A one-fill “no-mop” cleaning machine offers a simple approach to cleaner, safer floors in a nimble single-piece package.

Product KV1750

KaiVac 1750

Our most popular system, the mid-size KaiVac 1750 is best suited for restrooms with up to 25 fixtures with or without the optional battery system.

Kaio Multipurpose Cleaner

KaiO Multipurpose Cleaner

KaiO combines orange oil with hydrogen peroxide to make an environmentally-responsible, multipurpose pH neutral cleaner.

KaiBosh Disinfectant Cleaner

KaiBosh Disinfectant

KaiBosh is a concentrated no-rinse disinfectant cleaner for COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Norovirus, Bird & Swine Flu and more, that disinfects and cleans in one labor saving step.

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