Cleaning Machines for Airports, Transit Stations and Public Spaces

At airports and transit stations cleaning never stops. With constant foot traffic, food and beverage consumption, and restroom use, having a fast, effective, and efficient way to clean floors, walls, restrooms, commercial kitchens, dining areas, and entryways is the only way to stay ahead.

Clean SchoolsKaivac airport cleaning equipment is the secret weapon to keep every corner of an airport or station clean and disinfected. Our cleaning machines are designed to cover large areas quickly and effectively, plus they are easy to maneuver, easy to empty and fill, and easy to use.

Kaivac’s AutoVac Stretch floor cleaning system is a simple machine with detachable parts that allow cleaning staff to get every corner clean and tackle wide open spaces quickly. The AutoVac Stretch’s automated chemical injection and a fresh water supply beat auto scrubbers in cleaning effectiveness, so floors are cleaned easily, even during the heaviest travel season. The AutoVac Stretch can clean up to 25,000 square feet in an hour and don’t require trail mopping, which is particularly useful for large areas of hard surface flooring.

See Kaivac’s No-Touch Restroom Cleaning In Action

No-Touch Cleaning for Busy Restrooms

Keeping busy restrooms clean is always a challenge. The KaiVac 2750 No-Touch Cleaning system makes it a touchless job, eliminating kneeling over toilets or scrubbing grout, plus it’s 60 times more effective than a dirty mop. Once you’ve put your Kaivac to work, complaints about dirty or out-of-service restrooms will stop while floors, toilets, and walls look and smell fresh and clean. 

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AutoVac Stretch

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