Stadium Cleaning: A Huge Job for a Small Crew

by | Sep 8, 2015

No matter what the event—be it a ball game, rock concert, or convention of widget salespeople—a stadium will get very dirty very fast. A dirty venue is a problem because a relatively small crew must clean the entire facility for the next event, which is often held the very next day. Stadium cleaning is a huge job that requires specialized tricks of the trade and all the helpful tools you can find.

Eight or ten hours to clean one building may seem like plenty of time, until you consider the sheer size and volume of the average stadium. During events, these facilities experience high traffic from large quantities of attendees. Many leave behind dirt and debris that needs removal on a regular basis. Here’s how to tackle this tough job.

Dealing with the Trash

Although every stadium has trash bins lining the perimeter and in every hallway, many people insist on leaving their trash in the aisles or, worse yet, stashing it under their seats. This results in thousands of hiding places for boxes, paper, and every other kind of trash you can think of. There’s no possible way for one small cleaning crew to walk through and pick up each piece of trash.

With a job this big, you have to take a cue from other industries that move large amounts of trash. Consider landscapers and the piles of grass clippings and other refuse they create. They don’t rake and bag it—they use leaf blowers to blow it into piles for disposal. Stadium cleaning crews can use this same technology. Blowers are battery powered, so you don’t have to worry about cords getting in the way. Start at the top of the stadium and work your way down, always sweeping back and forth between the rows before moving downward. You’ll end up with a large pile of trash at the bottom, where an industrial sweeper can pick it up and dispose of it.

Cleaning the Stadium Seats

People in stadiums are often not on their best behavior. They may have a few drinks and splash sticky substances around. Wiping down each seat arm and back just isn’t practical. A Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning® system is the ideal solution. Spray a row of seats with cleaning solution, use the high-powered sprayer to remove the dirt and bacteria, and then use the powerful vacuum to pick it all up. The chairs and floors around them are left clean and dry for the next event.

Spraying Down the Restrooms

This may be the biggest stadium cleaning challenge of all, especially with the sheer number of fixtures. Thousands of people use the restrooms multiple times each event. What looks like a war zone with standing puddles of who knows what at the end of a game has to be clean and sparkling by the next day. No-Touch Cleaning is a spray-and-vac system to spray walls, floors and fixtures from the top down. You’ll use a high-pressure spray to rid the space of all soils, bio-waste and germs. This thorough clean then prevents bacteria from growing, so odors go away even in between the hard-to-reach tile grout.

With the right cleaning tools by your side, the daunting task of stadium cleaning becomes much more manageable.

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