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Carpet & Matting

Kaivac has a variety of carpet and matting cleaning accessories that expand the cleaning range of any Kaivac system. Most facilities have some form of carpeting or matting that make up a certain percentage of their total flooring. Kaivac’s multipurpose capabilities enabled by a range of add-on accessories allow users to clean virtually any surface in a facility. From dry vacuuming to carpet extraction to upholstery cleaning, Kaivac has a solution to take your Kaivac machine to the next level.

Solutions for Carpets & Mats


Deluxe Carpet Extractor With Dual Jet Nozzles

Kaivac’s quick-connecting stainless steel extraction wand instantly transforms a spray-and-vac system into a CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Silver-rated carpet extractor. It includes dual spray nozzles for deep industrial carpet cleaning and water removal. Now, users can deep clean carpeting without a dedicated carpet extraction machine.


Dry Vacuum Kit for KaiVac 1750/2750

Kaivac’s innovative DryVac accessory makes No-Touch Cleaning even more convenient and cost-effective, eliminating the need to purchase or transport an additional vacuum cleaner for vacuuming carpets and mats.


KaiTurbine Dry Vacuum Head

Air-driven beater bar powered by vacuum airflow.


Carpet Extractor Vacuum Head With Brush

Instantly transform your Kaivac vacuum wand into a carpet and matting extraction tool. Perfect for drying and removing salt from entrance matting during wet weather.


Upholstery Tool

The quick-connecting upholstery tool features stainless steel construction and allows users to spot clean irregular upholstered surfaces such as seating, furniture and carpets with ease.

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