Clean Correctional Facilities and Prisons Faster and Safer

Keeping correctional facilities, prisons, jails, and other large-scale facilities clean and disinfected is always a challenge, and today’s climate calls for a higher level of clean than ever before to maintain inmates’ health and safety. From large, open floor areas to hundreds of shower and bathroom fixtures to the institutional kitchen that needs to be constantly maintained to turn out three meals every day, Kaivac commercial cleaning machines can do it all better and faster. Our machines eliminate the need for dirty mops and buckets and make it easy to remove 60 times the contaminants and disinfect with simple spray-and-vac technology.

With ALL of our products, operation by both staff and inmates is simple. Onboard pressure washers, large collection, and cleaning solution tanks mean everything is on hand so cleaning is quick and efficient. Kaivac offers the best way to clean floors all across the facility from bathroom and shower facilities to common areas and cells.

Find out how our machines clean and disinfect correctional facilities at a time when disinfection is more important than ever. We will rush you complete information today.

Our Recommended Solutions for Cleaning Correctional Facilities

Product KV2750

KaiVac 2750 

Product KV1750

KaiVac 1750

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