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Due to the recent pandemic, restaurants and other food service establishments face unique commercial kitchen cleaning challenges. Grease and other contaminants coat kitchen, dining and restroom floors, creating unsanitary and dangerously slick surfaces. Dirty mops only make things worse. Diners today expect everything to be clean and disinfected including the kitchen.

Clean SchoolsKaivac has been helping solve food service cleaning problems with cleaning machines and chemical solutions that offer a practical, cost-effective method to meet the demands of today’s hygiene standards. For over 15 years, we have been helping restaurant chains and large food service operations maintain clean, safe, and healthy facilities that keep staff safe and customers coming back.

One product many food service operators choose is the UniVac. It offers unprecedented cleaning results in a cordless system. UniVac is 30% faster than mopping and cleans grouted floors 30-60 times better than a mop. Simply dispense cleaning solution through the systems’ integrated spigot, then spread the cleaning solution across the floor. Just vacuum away liquid and soils with the UniVac’s powerful wet vacuum and the floor is clean, dry, and ready for use.

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Our Recommended Solutions for Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Product KV2750


Product UniVac



KaiPow Degreaser

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