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Sold out shows and sporting events, popular nightclubs, casinos, music venues, and busy national parks all have the same thing in common: large public restrooms that get a lot of use. Let’s face it, it’s every employee and facilities manager’s worst nightmare. Cleaning is absolutely necessary and it’s a daily, if not hourly, task for the unlucky employees who have to accomplish the seemingly impossible: a sparkling clean, hygienic restroom.

Clean SchoolsKaivac offers No-Touch Cleaning systems and disinfectant cleaners that make this yucky job a lot easier. While your employees will never enjoy commercial bathroom cleaning, our technology makes it a touchless job.

No more kneeling over toilets or scrubbing grout, Kaivac makes it easy and 60 times more effective than a dirty mop.

Our public restroom cleaning machines are easy to maneuver, easy to empty and fill, and easy to use. Workers can clean floors and fixtures in less time with much healthier results

No Sweat Stadium Cleaning Made Easy

Sweaty seats, spilled drinks and food, or worse, sick attendees, can make cleaning amphitheaters, stadiums, racetracks, and amusement parks a tough, unpleasant, and time-consuming task. Mopping these large areas is impossible and an autoscrubber is inefficient and expensive. Clean Schools

Kaivac’s AutoVac Stretch floor cleaning machine tackles two jobs at once. It is a powerful workhorse and the ultimate modern solution for large open areas. It sweeps, cleans, and leaves floors completely dry in once pass. Faster than a traditional auto scrubber, it can be converted to pick up liquid spills as well. In fact, an AutoVac Stretch can clean at a rate of up to 25,000 square feet per hour and pick up dirt, grime, sticky stuff, and grease easily and completely. It’s an economical choice that delivers a fast ROI!

Our Recommended Solutions for Sports Arena Cleaning

Product KV2750

KaiVac 2750

Product AutoVac Stretch

AutoVac Stretch

Product SUV


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