Clean Refrigeration Units Can Save Big Money

Kaivac’s patent-pending Cooler Case Cleaner offers a simple, effective solution for maintaining refrigerated display cases. With a specially designed, built-in indoor pressure washer and a powerful wet vacuum, the results are clean, safe, and odor-free coolers operating at peak efficiency. Plus, it takes less than half the time of conventional cleaning methods.

Why is this important? Because a clean refrigeration unit is critical for optimum performance and energy savings. Regular refrigeration cleaning helps ensure food safety, quality, and customer confidence. If not cleaned properly and frequently, the shelving and areas behind them can harbor potentially dangerous contaminants, creating a very high risk of biological contamination.

Dirty or clogged evaporator coils are a leading cause of refrigeration inefficiency or even failure. Compromised food quality and safety can result in wasted food products and lost sales dollars—or worse.

Kaivac Cooler Case Cleaner Features:

Kaivac’s Cooler Case Cleaner offers a simple, effective solution for successful maintenance of your commercial refrigeration units. With a specially designed built-in indoor pressure washer and a powerful wet vacuum, you can achieve clean, safe and odor-free coolers operating a peak efficiency in less than half the time of conventional cleaning methods.

cooler case cleaner
Kaivac’s unique Cooler Case Cleaner cuts cleaning time in half helping you save 35% or more on energy expenses.
  1. Vacuum Wand Sturdy one-piece wand made of aircraft aluminum for cleaning multi-surface floors. 
  2. Instant Drain Attaches to a vacuum hose and suctions to the floor to extract low-lying moisture creating a vacuum-powered floor drain. 
  3. 17 Gallon Retention Tank Holds 17 gallons of soiled water in upper tank. Easy access port combined with quick-flush dump hose simplified emptying and cleaning of tank. 
  4. Large Capacity Clean Water Tank Holds nearly 20 gallons of hot water. Tank can be filled with multi-faucet fill hose or easy-access fill port. 
  5. KaiTutor Video training system leads the operator through the cleaning process. 
  6. 15 Ft. Spray Hose & Ergonomic Wand Spray pressure is delicate enough to use on condenser fins but powerful enough to clean heavily soiled areas.

Watch How the Kaivac Cooler Case Cleaner Works

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cooler case cleaner

View our Grocery Cleaning Brochure featuring the Cooler Cleaner. You’ll see that Kaivac has a machine to solve cleaning challenges throughout your store including spill response, restroom cleaning, hard surface and carpeted floors, kitchens, and more.

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