Hospital-Grade Cleaning for Healthcare Facilities

Kaivac has a cleaning machine to help you accomplish the tough challenges of nursing home cleaning with confidence, easily and effectively. Hospital-grade cleaning for healthcare facilities requires disinfection of all floors and surfaces to control bacteria, viruses, and the spread of infectious disease. Kaivac helps all types of healthcare facilities meet and exceed their obligations to provide the cleanest environment possible—when it counts the most.

Clean SchoolsKaivac cleaning machines go beyond just protecting patients and residents, they help protect staff with spray-and-vac technology that allows for a 100% touch-free clean. Our cleaning machines are easy to use, easy to maneuver, and easy to empty and refill.

Our cleaning solutions are approved for biohazard cleanup and are EPA approved to kill COVID-19, Norovirus, Influenza, and more. We even make it easy to prove your surfaces are clean with the easy-to-use SystemSURE PLUS™ ATP Measurement System. This clean measurement technology delivers quickly, making it easy for your cleaning staff to test and to prove that surfaces are adequately cleaned and safe.

Ready to Get Your Facility Kaivac Clean?

Simplify your protocol and protect your entire facility with help from the experts at Kaivac. We have what you need available, plus the best service and support in the industry.

Our Recommended Solutions for Hospital-Grade Cleaning

Product KV1750

KaiVac 1750

Dispense and Vac


Product SUV


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