Clean Tile and Grout Floors Without a Dirty Mop

The Dispense-and-Vac system offers a simple, fast approach to cleaner, safer floors. Its extreme cleaning capabilities achieve hygienic results in even the heaviest soil and grease conditions. In fact, like most Kaivac systems, it’s up to 60 times better at removing soil and contaminants than mopping. That makes the Dispense-and-Vac perfect for light duty public restrooms, food service establishments, industrial facilities, and anywhere that demands clean floors—without mopping.

Just apply a fresh cleaning solution to the floor, spread and lightly brush into grout lines, and then completely vacuum away all soils and liquid, leaving floors really clean and bone dry. It’s perfect for daily cleaning and degreasing of commercial floors. The process cleans radically better, faster, and safer than cleaning with a mop. It’s also great for applying and removing strippers on finished floors.

Popular Features of Dispense-and-Vac

The Kaivac Dispense-and-Vac’s speed spreader, vacuum wand and powerful wet vacuum make quick work of even the dirtiest surfaces without touching a mop. Emptying the vacuum tank is quick with the easy flushing dump hose, so cleanup and storage is fast and easy.


Kaivac’s Dispense-and-Vac Cleaning Machines clean tile and grout floors up to 60 times better than any mop and bucket.

  1. ONE-PIECE VACUUM WAND made of aircraft aluminum with high-performance Squeegee Blades for maximum extraction.
  2. POWERFUL WET VACUUM with 35 foot crush-proof hose completely removes soils, germs, and water from every area.
  3. EASY FLUSHING DUMP HOSE allows quick draining of vacuum tank contents into a suitable toilet or sink.
  4. HORN HOOKS attach to the vacuum tank for wrapping hoses and cords to store safely and out of the way. 
  5. 10 GALLON SELF DISPENSING BUCKET with no-splash design ensures only fresh solution, degreaser, stripper or finish is ever used.
  6. VARIABLE FLOW SPIGOT manages the exact amount of solution dispensed to the floor to ensure the best results.  
  7. ERGONOMIC SPEED SPREADER rapidly spreads cleaning solution that was dispensed through the spigot.
  8.  LITHIUM-ION BATTERY (OPTIONAL) enables cordless cleaning.
  9.  KAITUTOR onboard video training device.

Ready to Get Your Floors Completely Clean Without a Mop?

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