The UniVac is a compact one-fill “no-mop” cleaning machine that offers a simple approach to cleaner, safer tile floors in a nimble single-piece package. Its compact size and extreme maneuverability make it ideal for congested areas with limited storage. It dispenses cleaning solution so you can speed scrub, agitate the grout lines, and then extract all the dirt and liquid with the powerful vacuum, leaving floors sparkling clean and dry. Floors are 60 times cleaner than mopping and the job is done faster than ever before.

UniVac offers a nimble cordless wet vac package with portable cord-free operation with Kaivac’s unique quick-change Lithium-ion Power Pack or corded with our optional GFCI electrical extension cord. Cord-free operation improves mobility and maneuverability giving workers an easy way to keep your floor their very cleanest without any trip hazards.

Put a stop to the mop with Kaivac’s UniVac. It’s not only easier, faster, and safer than mopping, but it completely removes dirt, grease and other contaminants instead of spreading them around.

UniVac is certified by Green Seal® for Environmental Innovation based on reduced environmental toxicity, waste minimization, use of verified environmentally-preferable products, and conservation of energy and water. GreenSeal.org

Watch the UniVac Tackle Foodservice Cleaning the Smarter Way

UniVac Features & Specifications

Even the greasiest, dirtiest floors are no match for the UniVac. This smart, versatile machine cleans the grime out of grout, the crud from corners and then vacuums it all away faster and better than a mop.


Compact, powerful and better than a mop. The Kaivac UniVac multi-surface floor cleaner quickly cleans even the toughest dirt and grease. 

  1. Powerful Wet Vacuum completely removes soils and contaminants from every area of multi-surface floors
  2. 10 Gallon Combined Solution/Recovery Tank minimizes the footprint for easy storage and maneuverability. 
  3. Versatile Vacuum Wand features a squeegee head and grout brush to clean and vacuum floors, under fixtures and seating.
  4. Easy Flushing Dump Hose (not shown) allows quick draining of vacuum tank contents into the toilet or sink.
  5. Variable Flow Spigot manages the exact amount of solution dispensed to the floor. Creates efficiency while producing better results.
  6. Lithium-Ion Power Pack (optional) enables highly mobile cordless operation and minimal charging downtime.
  7.  Ergonomic Speed Spreader rapidly spreads and agitates the cleaning solution for best cleaning results.
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