AutoVac Stretch Keeps Hospital Floors Safe and Sanitary While Saving Precious Resources

by | Nov 8, 2023

ServiceMaster Mexico is one of the largest, most renown Building Service Contractors in Mexico. Operating in 14 states, the company’s 2,700 employees clean offices, schools, and factories. But ServiceMaster Mexico is best known for healthcare cleaning, with clients that include two hospitals in one of Mexico’s largest, most prominent healthcare chains.

ServiceMaster Mexico chooses the AutoVac Stretch™ from Kaivac to keep those hospital floors clean and safe. The machines offer many improvements over the old method of dry mopping then wet mopping the floors. “Mopping was not performing well ,” says Enrique Miranda, Operations Director, ServiceMaster Mexico.

Poor performance was not an option for Miranda or the client. “Hospitals have very specific cleaning standards,” says Miranda. “Everyone needs to walk on those floors to get to patient rooms, operating rooms, and emergency rooms. So good results were very important.”

With the help of Jorge Perez de Leon, General Manager of local distributorship JPL Group MX, Miranda tested his first AutoVac Stretch in a large hospital with big lobbies, lots of reception areas, and meters and meters of hallways. Hospital administrators were also present for the demonstrations. The AutoVac Stretch impressed everyone.

“There was a lot of good feedback from the client,” recalls Perez de Leon. “They saw how much better the floor looked. It projected a much better image for the hospital.”

Miranda appreciated how much time the AutoVac Stretch saves. “It used to take one employee three hours to dry mop and then wet mop the floor,” he remembers. “Now the job only takes 30 minutes. Using the AutoVac Stretch is much easier than mopping.” Hospital administrators also appreciated that the cordless, battery-powered machine removed tripping hazards.

The client was so impressed with the results, they authorized the purchase of another AutoVac Stretch for that facility and two more for a new hospital in Monterrey. ServiceMaster Mexico’s manager in Monterrey streamlined training with KaiTutor. “We have a lot of staff turnover, meaning we train and train and train,” says Miranda. “KaiTutor is so effective, a new employee can operate the equipment after ten minutes.”

Delivering a higher quality, more professional-looking clean in less time swayed both the client and Miranda. But the way the AutoVac Stretch saves water really sealed the deal. “Water availability is a big issue in some Mexican cities,” explains Perez de Leon. He notes that there were companies that stopped operations because they couldn’t access water. “Cleaning 100 meters with a mop and bucket takes an hour and requires between 20 to 40 liters of water. The AutoVac Stretch cleans those same 100 meters in only three to four minutes with just three liters of water.”

“We have to use water carefully,” Miranda insists. “Not only for our customers’ benefit, but for everyone in the city.”

Miranda hopes to bring the AutoVac Stretch to more clients. “It’s great for high traffic areas and is so easy to use. The AutoVac Stretch definitely makes us look more professional.”

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