KaiTutor™ – the Personal Trainer for Kaivac Machines

KaiTutor is a comprehensive video training system designed to help custodial workers excel at job-related activities by delivering critical operational and educational information right when and where it’s needed – on the job. The result is just-in-time skill building for improved performance and productivity.

The optional KaiTutor hardware is conveniently mounted directly to a Kaivac cleaning machine, with a straightforward, easy-to-use format that puts training right at an employee’s fingertips. The KaiTutor training videos can also be accessed through the free downloadable Kaivac app. Now even inexperienced workers can quickly become highly productive cleaning professionals. Plus, it’s a convenient way to reinforce prior formal training.

  • Easy to understand training for all Kaivac cleaning systems available at point of use
  • Play-Pause-Practice allows user to watch experts in action demonstrate best practices
  • Large, updateable library stored on the system, eliminating the need for wi-fi or data usage 
  • Improves custodial performance and minimizes turnover 
  • Clear visual instruction minimizes language barriers
  • Maximizes the return on equipment investment and accelerates mastery of the machine
  • Reduces the need for technicians and improves self-reliance

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