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From custodians to parents, everyone benefits when you clean with Kaivac® No-Touch Cleaning®.


No-Touch Cleaning transforms smelly, embarrassing restrooms into a shining school success story, and it doesn’t stop at the restroom. A No-Touch Cleaning system cleans many areas to the highest standard while being easy and fun for custodians to use.

Cleaning at a rate of one minute per fixture, it saves time and leaves restrooms safe and healthy, so students can focus on learning.

No-Touch Cleaning Restrooms

Cleaning Restrooms by Hand

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Popular Features of No-Touch Cleaning

No-Touch Restroom Cleaning offers the most effective way to tackle the unpleasant tasks of cleaning restroom fixtures, walls and tiled floors. The machine combines a built-in indoor pressure washer with a powerful wet vacuum. Using it, you can tackle even the most extreme commercial restrooms without ever touching contaminated surfaces. No-Touch Cleaning removes 60 times more soil compared to traditional methods in one-third the time.

No Touch Cleaning

The KaiVac 1750 No-Touch Cleaning machine is shown above. All No-Touch Cleaning machines share the same features and only differ in capacity.

  1. VACUUM WAND WITH GROUT BRUSH Sturdy, one-piece wand made of aircraft aluminum with high-performance Squeegee Blades for maximum extraction.
  2. 500 PSI PUMP Apply cleaning solutions and fresh water rinsing with powerful pump pressure.
  3. LONG RANGE VACUUM HOSE Cleans large areas efficiently and completely.
  4. POWERFUL VACUUM MOTOR Unmatched soil and liquid removal leaves area dry and ready for use.
  5. SEPARATE VACUUM AND FRESH WATER TANKS Ensures you always clean with fresh water.
  6. FAST-SWAP REPAIR Motor compartment is easily removable for quick repair or exchange.
  7. LITHIUM-ION POWER PACK (OPTIONAL) Clean cordlessly for high-performance with maximum efficiency.

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