Microfiber Cleaning Products

Kaivac offers a complete collection of microfiber systems and products for fast, hygienic cleaning of floors, flat surfaces, and critical touch points throughout the facility. Reusable, environmentally-friendly microfiber products make cleaning faster and easier on all hard surfaces.

Microfiber Towels and Pads

Kaivac offers an assortment of washable microfiber pads and towels designed to maximize soil removal while minimizing cross-contamination. Use for cleaning and disinfection on floors, flat surfaces, and touchpoints.

  • Commercial quality products withstand 300-500 washings before replacement
  • Synthetic fibers lift and trap seven times their weight in dirt and moisture
  • Use up to 90% less cleaning solution
  • Use wet or dry to combine multiple cleaning chores
  • Continually changed as you clean, ensuring effective soil removal and minimizing cross-contamination

Microfiber Tools

Kaivac offers a variety of tools to complement and optimize your microfiber cleaning program. 

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