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Clean is good for business and in a supermarket the cleaning never stops. Kaivac has a cleaning solution to completely clean every corner quickly and easily—without a mop or touching any dirty surface. One of the biggest investments in any grocery store, the display coolers and refrigerators, can also be the biggest energy hogs if not properly cleaned and maintained.

Studies show that dirty coils make refrigerators work harder, wear out faster, and waste energy. Our Cooler Case Cleaner makes regular cleaning of refrigeration units, including the fan, evaporator coils, drains, and shelves easy, effective, and efficient. Your clean and well-maintained equipment will smell fresher, look cleaner, and use up to 35% less energy.

Clean Better and Faster – Without a Mop!

Discover what top chain stores across the country are using for refrigeration cleaning, floor cleaning, and restroom cleaning to keep everything disinfected and safe. Kaivac machines are efficient and effective throughout any grocery or retail store, cleaning restrooms, floors, food service areas and much more. Clean SchoolsClean anywhere and everywhere that dirt, soil, biofilm, and bacteria must be removed and properly disinfected.

Eliminating the dirty mop and bucket makes hard-surface floor cleaning easier and safer. Kaivac equipment is proven to remove 60x more contaminants and is 35% faster than mopping. Save time, money, and make your store cleaner, faster when you “Don’t just clean it, Kaivac it!”

Ready to get your entire store completely clean and disinfected? Talk to an expert at Kaivac!

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