The Best Cleaning System for a Building Service Contractor

by | Aug 15, 2018

Kaivac’s AutoVac floor cleaning machine is the secret weapon building service contractors need. Responsible for maintaining lots of square footage, building service contractors or BSCs don’t have time to mess with a bucket and mop. Autoscrubbers are faster, but they are big, bulky, hard to use and expensive to buy and maintain.

Clean floors with great results and grow your business with the machine that can do it all. The Kaivac Autovac Floor can cover up to 20,000 sq. ft. per hour with the option of corded or battery-powered machines.

Superior Cleaning Results and Better Productivity

Contract Cleaners must deliver clean floors, free of soils and contaminates that can be tracked throughout a facility. ATP meter data collected from the Toxics Use Reduction Institute prove that floors cleaned with a mop and bucket system only remove 45.5% of soils and contaminants. That’s not really clean at all.

Mops also leave floors wet, creating slip and fall hazards. Residue and films left after mopping dry on the floor, leaving a dull, streaky finish and damage the surface overtime. Dirty mop water even splashes up on baseboards and walls, creating more mess and more work.

The Kaivac AutoVac removes 99% of soils, germs and pathogens. After a single pass, floors are clean, dry and ready to walk on. And no splashing means no extra effort.

Autoscrubbers also clean better than mops—not a high bar to reach—but require dust mopping first. The AutoVac lets you skip that step. The battery version cleans 20,200 square feet an hour, comparable to a 32-inch rider autoscrubbers. An AutoVac can easily go up and down stair ways and you can fit the machine into any small vehicle when you’re done.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Maintain

Training workers to use the AutoVac takes only a few minutes. Just open the spigot, turn the vacuum motor on and start walking. Still not sure? The KaiTutor on-board training system delivers just-in-time, video-based tutorials right when your workers need it. Performance is instantly improved and language is never a barrier because everyone can watch videos and learn what to do.

Training to operate an autoscrubber is complicated, confusing and adds a lot of unneeded expense to your bottom line.

Maintaining a Kaivac AutoVac machine is easy because it has few moving parts. Most non-technicians can maintain and repair it without any tools. And all parts can be shipped overnight via UPS/FedEx.

Low Cost Means Fast ROI

Mops are cheap, but considering how badly they clean you get what you pay for.  Autoscrubbers, however, are expensive topping at $16,000 for a 32-inch rider. That’s a lot of money for a machine that only scrubs the floor. The Kaivac OmniFlex AutoVac costs much less from the start, about 10-25% of an equivalently-sized autoscrubbers. Plus, it does much more like stripping, finishing, picking up salt, cleaning restrooms and extracting grease.

Recoup your initial investment faster, keep maintenance costs down and do more with a less expensive but better machine.

Keep Current Clients Happy While You Earn New Business

Superior cleaning results leads to satisfied clients. Increased productivity mean BSCs can spend their resources finding new clients. The AutoVac is perfect for a wide range of facility types from education, retail and industrial to healthcare, fitness centers, stadiums and office buildings. Potential clients looking for a green sustainable cleaning solution can be won using our innovative AutoVac Stretch battery-powered model. It uses up to 75% less water while reducing chemical usage by 66% or more, saving you money starting day one.

These cleaning machines works very well in entrance ways, halls, aisles, cafeterias, food courts and lobbies. And because it uses less water and chemicals right out of the box, it’s a perfect selling point to clients who want to be more environmentally friendly.

Learn more about the building service contractor’s secret weapon: Kaivac AutoVac Floor Machines.

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