All Floor Cleaning System for All Flooring Types…and So Much More

by | Dec 5, 2023

Retailers understand the importance of good floor design. Flooring materials do more than set the scene, they tell a story. The right mix of hard and carpeted surfaces supports exploration, creates comfort, and encourages shoppers to spend more time—and money—during their trip. 

Maintaining that mix of flooring, however, can be a burden. After closing, staff need to lug out a sweeper and autoscrubber for the hard surface floors, a backpack vacuum and spot cleaner for the low-pile commercial carpet, and an upright vacuum with a beater bar for high-pile carpet and entryway matting. Plus, there’s shelves full of product to dust and hard-to-reach nooks and crannies to clean. 

Or they could do it all with one machine: the Kaivac All Floor cleaning system. Developed specifically for the retail space, this all-in-one platform allows workers to deeply clean high volumes of both hard surface flooring and commercial carpet. Switching between wet and dry-cleaning modes is seamless with no bags to install or change. A 15-foot hose, lightweight wand, and six attachments empowers employees to reach beyond the floor to dust shelves, walls, and more. 

“A breakthrough like this doesn’t happen every day. At Kaivac, we keep attempting the impossible.”

Kaivac President and CRO, Bob Robinson, Jr

The All Floor uses water as a filter. This patent-pending innovation generates powerful lift and maintains strong suction allowing the machine to capture and hold on to fine dust particles. Dual lithium-ion batteries generate two hours of continuous run time, giving the machine an enormous cleaning range without the risk of tripping on a power cord. 

These features streamline the entire retail cleaning process and reduce equipment inventory. With just one trip to the janitor’s closet, employees can easily maintain any kind of flooring, work around obstacles, spot clean carpet and upholstery, completely remove spills, and even dust shelves filled with delicate product. Training is easy and instantly repeatable with the KaiNect app. 

Empower retail employees to clean it all, simply, quickly, and completely with the All Floor cleaning system by Kaivac. Click here for more information

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