Spring Cleaning Checklist

by | Mar 27, 2023

Get your cleaning checklist ready, it is time for Spring Cleaning. After a long season full of extreme winter weather, nothing delights clients more than walking into a fully refreshed facility. Hopefully, your regular maintenance schedule keeps interiors in good shape throughout the year. Spring cleaning offers a chance to build on that success (or play catch up if need be).

Taking on the extra work of removing hard-to-reach dirt may seem daunting. But the right tools, process, and mindset makes this big project more manageable. The first step is creating a comprehensive checklist.

Here’s how to develop the most effective spring cleaning checklist for your facility.

Spring Cleaning: Why We Do It

The idea of spring cleaning has been around for so long that some argue that the urge is instinctual, a product of elevated energy and better moods brought on by more hours of sunlight. Others think that cultural cues drive the practice. Another theory points to the practical need to clean the smoke and soot left by fireplaces, coal stoves, and oil lamps.

No matter its origin, thorough spring cleaning has advantages. In the home, these cleaning benefits include reduced allergens, fewer tripping hazards, improved focus, and a more peaceful state of mind.

Spring cleaning at commercial facilities offers occupants those same benefits and more. The practice protects expensive building materials and extends the useful life of furnishings, fixtures, and other costly assets. This makes spring cleaning the perfect time to:

  • Identify and fix small problems
  • Restore carpet and hard surface flooring
  • Deep clean restrooms
  • Inventory and organize chemicals and equipment
  • Vacuum refrigerator and AC coils
  • Freshen up the front entrance

Spring Cleaning Starts at the Top

Spring cleaning is a great time to look up…literally. Dirt accumulates on the ceiling, hiding in corners, air vents, and light fixtures. Work on these areas first so dust does not fall on freshly cleaned furniture and floors. (This is also a great time to replace burned out lamps in overhead fixtures.)  

Dust walls, inspecting for scuffs, dings, and scratches as you go. Scrub stained areas, patch holes, and touch up paint if needed. Wash baseboards and touch up paint if needed.

Spring is the perfect time to wash windows both inside and out. Pay extra attention to sills and frames. Do not forget to deep clean blinds and launder any fabric window treatments.

Spring Cleaning Gets to the Bottom of Things

Flooring takes a beating all year, but winter is particularly hard on carpet and hard surface materials. Heavy boots track in snow, rain, dirt, and grit. Road salts and ice melt chemicals add to the mix.

Walk-off mats should capture most of this mess at the entrance, but some will inevitably get through. Spring cleaning is a great time to restore damage before it gets worse. Start by inspecting floors and identifying problem areas. Then decide on a course of action.

Carpets might need interim maintenance service or a full, deep clean. The finish on hard surface flooring might benefit from a top scrub and recoat.

Restroom Projects

You can judge the cleanliness of your restrooms by how many complaints you get. But even the best maintained restroom can benefit from a spring cleaning refresh. Use the time to wash and sanitize the inside of trash cans and remove stubborn limescale and other mineral deposits. Wash ceilings, walls, and stall dividers. Take care to address low stains caused by splashed mop water.

Dust vents and check for mold or mildew. Replace or repair any damaged fixtures. Apply new caulk as needed.

Spring cleaning offers a perfect opportunity to deep clean restroom floors. Start with an inspection.  Repair or replace cracked tiles and deep clean grout.

If the grout still looks dirty or smells like urine try a new cleaning process that fully removes dirt, impurities, and smelly bacterial. Tools like No-Touch Cleaning® systems from Kaivac keep restrooms “spring cleaning fresh” all year long.

Click here for more tools that keep your facility spring cleaning fresh all year long.

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