Connect People, Equipment, and Results with KaiNect

by | Jan 9, 2024

KaiNect, from Kaivac, simplifies training, increases visibility, and streamlines fleet management, all from one app. Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, KaiNect collects actionable information from a single Kaivac machine, or an entire Kaivac fleet, so front-line workers and managers can consistently deliver well-maintained spaces.

All without drowning in data.

“People don’t need endless reports filled with unconnected data points,” says Kaivac Vice President of Business Development Allen Randolph. “They need knowledge that identifies potential problems with their cleaning program, so they can take action.”

Here’s how the KaiNect app seamlessly connects everyone involved in the use and ownership of Kaivac machines.

Change Management

Knowing that continuous training empowers workers to perform at their best, Kaivac developed KaiTutor™. This revolutionary, on-board video training system allows workers to learn and practice skills in real time. KaiNect builds on that technology, creating a dynamic training, troubleshooting, and service platform that lives on a smart phone.

KaiNect gives cleaning staff access to an ever-evolving library of training and maintenance videos in an easy, familiar format. With this functionality, workers can learn new skills, reinforce past training, and troubleshoot common equipment issues with a few taps on their screen.

“I’m adding new videos all the time,” says Randolph. “It allows us to get as close to the work as we can, at scale.”

KaiNect also gives front-line managers visibility into how staff use the cleaning equipment. Kaivac machines deliver an exceptional clean, but only if workers actually take them out of the closet and use them. KaiNect features an IoT “smart hour meter” to track real-time usage and sends an alert if the machine is being underused.

But KaiNect doesn’t inundate managers with unnecessary data. Instead, it sends a yellow alert if the machine has not been used in three days or a red alert if it lies unused for two weeks. (These pre-set times come on the app right out of the box. Alerts are easily changed as needed.) Managers can address a yellow alert with a light touch, asking if the employee needs help or more training. Red alerts may require a different conversation about cleaning standards and expectations.

“It’s about working through change management,” says Randolph. “The goal is to use the equipment you bought. And if more training or troubleshooting is needed, the KaiNect app is right there.”

Predict What’s Next

Because of its dynamic nature, KaiNect’s functionality will evolve and grow over time. Future enhancements may include predictive maintenance alerts based on run time. “You might get a notification saying it’s time to check the squeegee or a filter,” Randolph explains. “That information helps maintain optimal performance and reduce spend on parts and service.”

KaiNect can also help train employees in new uses for the machine, at scale. For instance, a large, national grocery chain could leverage the app if they want staff to clean trash cans with their Kaivac machines. KaiNect could act as primary or back up training, seamlessly delivering information to thousands of workers.

No matter what functionality or improvements come next, KaiNect will never dump useless data or endless reports on their users. “Managers don’t have a minute to spare,” says Randolph. “They don’t want theories. They want useful, actionable intelligence that preserves their cleaning program.”

And now, there’s an app for that.

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