Managing High-Traffic Restroom Cleaning for Public Safety

Managing High-Traffic Restroom Cleaning for Public Safety

When you operate a building with heavily trafficked restrooms, you face a public safety challenge. So many people pass through these facilities each day that they can quickly become soiled?but it's difficult to clean around a constant flow of visitors. Unless you find a way deliver deep cleaning regularly, there's little chance of maintaining cleanliness. Here's how to handle high-traffic restroom cleaning efficiently.


Challenges of High-Traffic Restrooms


A restroom that sees a high volume of visitors requires extra planning to keep clean. Monitor the usual ebb and flow of traffic so that you can schedule full restroom cleanings for your lowest-traffic times or after closing.


At least one employee should always keep an eye on the restrooms so that you can immediately handle simpler tasks, such as cleaning up spills and sweeping out debris. In addition, schedule employees to carry out light maintenance duties that don't require closing the restroom, such as wiping down touch points and mirrors or restocking supplies, regularly and frequently throughout the day. These measures allow you to keep your restroom clean and presentable without disturbing the guests until it's time for a deeper cleaning.


Managing high-traffic restroom cleaning on a deep level may require shutting down your facilities during the day. This may be inconvenient, but when dangerous bacteria are involved, consumers are better off waiting a short time for proper cleaning. The size, hours of operation and soil loads of your restroom will determine how frequently you need to employ deep-cleaning methods. As you explore ways to make the process faster, consider putting teams of employees on deep-cleaning duty to cut down on the lost restroom time.


Restroom Touch Points


A large number of restroom visitors means more potentially harmful contaminants, which can be difficult to control. These germs can spread every time a visitor touches any restroom surface. Ideally, all high-traffic facilities should be equipped with no-touch fixtures and dispensers, as every touch of these devices presents a health risk. Where this is not possible, dirty surfaces such as paper towel dispensers and soap dispensers need to be wiped frequently to avoid spreading bacteria. Whether you use disposable wipes or rags, insist employees never use the same rag to clean more than one surface, in order to avoid cross-contamination.


High-Traffic Restroom Cleaning Techniques



Since soil removal is the key to restroom cleaning, custodians need to set aside mops and rags for a more thorough cleaning system?but in a high-traffic environment, time is of the essence. Spray-and-vacuum systems offer a fast, hygienic cleaning method. With the Kaivac No-Touch system, automatic chemical injection allows cleaning crews to clean hygienically without wasting time mixing a formula or being exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals.


Next comes soil removal. Following a spray-down with a pressure washer, a high-powered vacuum removes the existing soils, which can be deposited right into the toilets rather than in a slop sink. Many people consider restroom sinks the biggest target for custodians working through a cleaning checklist, but there are other important spots to focus on, too. Toilets, urinals, floors, and stall doors are also major traffic stops for disease-causing germs. Regardless of where the cleaning begins, custodians must focus on removing the soils so they never leave the restrooms where they originate.

For those times when you are required to shut down the restroom for a deep cleaning, Kaviac's streamlined system ensures the downtime is minimal. Furthermore, powerful vacuum suction ensures that floors are dry for immediate use when the restroom visitors return, helping you avoid slip-and-fall accidents.


For more information about Kaivac products for faster, more thorough restroom cleaning, click here.

Cleaning the Restroom for Health

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