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Public restroom cleaning is a hugely important part of modern society. People must relieve themselves; that is a given. When they are not able to do so, health problems like urinary tract infections, kidney infections, and digestive problems can develop, according to the Wikipedia article on public restrooms. As critical as restrooms are to human health, they are also costly, risky, and difficult to clean.


Restrooms bring in the most complaints from building occupants. That alone tells us that there is a problem with restroom cleaning. But there’s more. Even though restrooms are clearly not being cleaned effectively, somehow, they are still costing more to maintain than any other room. Restrooms gobble up 60 percent of all supplies in a building, and they present the greatest risk for slip-and-fall accidents. Professional cleaners are waging a seemingly impossible war against restroom filth. At Kaivac®, we are here to say, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

A New Cleaning Checklist: Spray, Rinse, and Vacuum

  • Spray


    The first step in No-Touch Cleaning is to spray fresh cleaning solution on a low-pressure setting. Precise chemical injection assures the right mixture of solution for repeatable outcomes and reduced chemical waste.

  • Rinse


    Next, rinse the area on the high-pressure setting. The water blasts stubborn soils and bacteria out of grout lines, cracks, and crevices, sending the soiled solution to the floor.

  • Vacuum


    Lastly, use the vacuum wand to capture the solution and contaminants from the floor. The floors are left clean, dry, and safe to immediately return to service.

Kaivac Restroom Systems

No-Touch Cleaning Machine

No-Touch Cleaning for Walls, Fixtures, and Floors

Designed for heavy-duty restrooms with water-resistant surfaces, a No-Touch Cleaning® system combines an indoor pressure washer with a powerful wet vacuum. Proven to be up to 60 times more effective at removing bacteria from grout lines than a mop, No-Touch Cleaning reduces the time it takes to clean a single restroom fixture from three minutes to one minute. In an independent NELAP-accredited laboratory test, Kaivac's No-Touch Cleaning® system removed more than 99.9% of targeted bacteria when used with regular tap water – all of this without every having to touch a contaminated surface or fixture. Learn More

Kaivac OmniFlex Machine

Kaivac OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning for a Customized Clean

For restrooms with a mixture of water-sensitive and water-resistant surfaces, OmniFlex™ Crossover Cleaning creates a customized clean with reliable soil and bacteria removal. Studies show than an OmniFlex system achieves 30-60 times more soil removal than a mop while reducing the time it takes to clean by 25 percent or more. Available in many configurations, an OmniFlex system tackles everything from pressure washing to spill cleanup, from wide-area floor care to maneuvering around obstacles. It sounds complicated, but it is actually remarkably easy to operate with little to no training required. The OmniFlex SUV™ includes supply bags and a trash compactor for a full restroom service visit with just one piece of equipment. Every OmniFlex system is lithium-ion battery capable for the added benefits of cordless productivity and safety. Learn More

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Professional cleaning is neither glamorous nor grand, but it is critical to the physical and mental wellbeing of our society. Cleaners should have tools that make it easier for them to succeed, tools that get them up off of their hands and knees, tools that reliably clean spaces to a welcoming and hygienic level. When cleaners have innovative and effective tools, they feel respected and happier in their jobs. At Kaivac, we think that is a pretty good reason to keep innovating restroom cleaning systems.

Restroom Cleaning Testimonials

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    Developing hygienic, healthy cleaning practices has long been a priority in medical facilities, where concerns regarding the spread of infection and nosocomial illnesses are paramount.

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    Pittsburgh Commercial Cleaning, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, serves all kinds of clients including commercial and industrial facilities, retail stores, and restaurants. The company's motto is that they "treat every client and every job as an opportunity to showcase their skills and build upon their solid reputation as cleaning professionals." And one way they have accomplished this is by switching to the NoTouch CleaningTM system.

  • Restroom Cleaning: Love in the Janitorial Closet (Yes, It Does Happen)

    The University of Southern California Medical Center in East Los Angeles is one of the nation's largest — and busiest — public hospitals.

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    Pro Quality Cleaning, Mechanicsburg, PA, uses advanced cleaning equipment to make commercial facilities safe, healthier, and more appealing.

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