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  • KaiFly™KaiFly™

    The KaiFly system combines microfiber, window squeegee and chemical injection technologies to rapidly remove harmful bio-pollutants. In tests conducted by an independent NELAP-accredited laboratory, the KaiFly system removed greater than 99.9% of targeted bacteria when used with plain tap water only.

  • KaiWipes™KaiWipes™

    Complete your hygienic cleaning program with the ability to quickly and easily address common touch points, irregular surfaces, and much more with the simple pull of a wipe. Each new wipe is fresh, unlike towels and rags which can accumulate potentially harmful soils over continual use.

  • KaiO™ Multipurpose CleanerKaiO™ Multipurpose Cleaner

    KaiO combines orange oil with hydrogen peroxide to make an environmentally-responsible, multipurpose pH neutral cleaner. KaiO is certified by Green Seal. Like all Kaivac chemicals, KaiO is designed specifically for use with our wet vacuum systems. Too often, users simply apply common cleaning detergents or mop soaps when cleaning and then carelessly vacuum them up. This is like pouring standard dish soap into an automatic dish washer. The result is predictable - extreme foaming, filling the vacuum tank with useless suds and causing premature shut-off. Worse, the excess foam has the potential to damage the vacuum motor. We are so confident in the performance and suitability of our chemicals that we extend our equipment warranty to customers who use them exclusively.

  • Ergo Speed SpreaderErgo Speed Spreader

    Kaivac's Ergo Speed Spreader is a flat mop assembly combining Kaivac's Ergo Mop Handle with the 18" Pad Holder along with 2 spreader pads for rapidly spreading cleaning solution. This practical accessory can be used with any Kaivac system but is particularly useful with the OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac systems.

  • AutoVac™ Add-on KitAutoVac™ Add-on Kit

    The AutoVac Add-on Kit quickly transforms your OmniFlex into an automated high performance floor machine that rivals the performance of an autoscrubber - at a fraction of the cost! A really fast, simple approach to clean, safe floors, this system is perfect for high speed cleaning of hard surface areas, such as hallways, cafeterias, lobbies, warehouses, fitness areas and more. It’s as fast and effective as an autoscrubber without the added cost or complexity, making it perfect for building service contractors and facility managers alike. Simply combine this kit with an OmniFlex Trolley-Bucket and an OmniFlex Wet Vacuum and start cleaning!

Kaivac's goal is to deliver cost-effective, worker-friendly cleaning systems that protect the health and safety of a building's occupants as well as the environment. As a result, we design our No-Touch Cleaning systems from the start for deep cleaning in a way that's extremely efficient yet environmentally responsible.


Unlike other green cleaning systems that do not address the 'invisible world' of germs and bio-pollution, Kaivac's hygienic green cleaning systems monitor and remove soils and other bio-pollutants to promote the health of occupants and workers.


In fact, results from an independent NELAP-accredited lab confirm that both the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning system and the KaiFly Flat Surface Cleaning system removed greater than 99.9% of targeted bacteria when used with plain tap water only.


What makes Kaivac lean on resources, mean on soils and quite possibly the greenest cleaning system on earth?

Environmental Impact

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Chemical Free Cleaning

  • Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning and Flat Surface Cleaning systems can remove more than 99.9% of targeted microbes with plain water according to tests performed by a NELAP-accredited lab.

Chemical Assisted Cleaning

  • Kaivac's primary cleaning chemicals are certified by Green Seal.
  • Metering tips ensure accurate dilution of chemicals.
  • Requires fewer chemicals to clean an entire building.
  • Reduces chemical usage by as much as 90%.

Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

  • Removes dust and eliminates it in a dust-free, liquid form.
  • Extends the time between burnishing, stripping and finishing floors, minimizing airborne particulates as well as chemical exposure.
  • The chemical efficiency of Kaivac systems minimizes fumes.
  • Powerful vacuum extraction removes chemical residue along with soils and liquid.
  • Quietest systems available today for round-the-clock cleaning.
  • Stretches cleaning resources while improving IAQ (indoor air quality).

Deep Cleaning Capabilities

  • Thoroughly removes soils, contaminants and chemical residue by deep cleaning and extraction.
  • Chemicals formulated to attack the complete continuum of soils.
  • Eliminates cross-contamination through continual usage of fresh cleaning solution and rinse water along with complete soil extraction.
  • Kaivac's floor care program frees cleaning resources that can be applied to other areas of the building.
  • 60 times more effective in reducing bacterial contamination than the conventional method for typical commercial floor cleaning.

The Healthy Worker

  • Minimizes bending, kneeling and lifting.
  • Protects workers from unhealthy exposure to contaminated surfaces, disease transfer points and chemicals.
  • Minimizes the possibility of slip-fall injuries for workers and building occupants by thoroughly cleaning and quickly drying floors.
  • Empowers any worker, regardless of physical condition, to excel on the job.
  • Inspires custodial pride and improves job satisfaction.

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