Gym Cleaning: How to Control Germs in Busy Fitness Centers

By Eric Michaels

Gym Cleaning: How to Control Germs in Busy Fitness Centers

A busy fitness club is a cleaning crew's worst nightmare. As soon as you wipe down a bike or weight machine, someone gets on and starts a heart-thumping, sweat-pouring workout. The vicious cycle continues until the gym closes. Busy seasons at the start of the new year only make this job harder, and if you aren't careful, your facilities will become a breeding ground for illness.

Gym Cleaning Checklist

Without a methodical approach to bacteria and soil removal in your facilities, customers may find themselves interrupting their fitness routine to deal with a sickness they caught on the premises. This situation makes your company look bad and defeats the purpose of patrons visiting your gym to improve their health. To combat this danger, have your cleaning crew attend to the following tasks throughout the day:

  • Exercise Machines
    While you can post signs asking members of the fitness club to clean up after themselves, this policy often breaks down in busy months. Make sure custodians are passing through to wipe off touch screens, bike handles, seats, and other areas where sweat and bacteria collect. Disposable wipes come in very handy for a task like this.
  • Weights and Bars
    Free weights and pull-up bars present the same challenges as exercise machines, except they are more dangerous than they look. People often don't think to wipe down weights because they don't sweat on them the way they do a bike or treadmill, so more germs collect on these surfaces. Adjust your gym cleaning procedure to confront this reality.
  • Locker Rooms
    People often open their lockers before washing their hands, bringing along the bacteria from weights and machines. Have custodians sweep through the locker rooms throughout the day to clean off locker handles, benches, and areas by the mirror where members comb their hair before leaving.
  • Restrooms
    Gym restrooms present the same challenges as those in any other high-traffic facility. Have custodians focus on soil removal at sinks (especially when soap and paper towels are not automatic) and other touch points where germs can lie in wait. To avoid contaminating other parts of the gym facility, avoid the use of mops in gym restrooms.

How to Make Gym Cleaning Easier

Gym managers cannot send out the cleaning team enough to keep up with the germs circulating in busy months. To make the job easier, make sure signs are posted advising members on the importance of wiping down equipment and washing hands before and after a workout. Keep cleaning solution and disposable wipes in plentiful supply so members can clean up after themselves.

If you find your team struggling to keep up with cleaning tasks, consider upgrading the equipment they use. Along with their poor cleaning power, mops and buckets take much longer to do the job. Look for ways to cut down on time with modern cleaning solutions that remove more germs while saving your team several minutes per task.

When it comes to post-New Year's, swimsuit season, or another busy gym time, your team has to stay focused on constant germ removal. Click here to learn about advanced equipment for gym cleaning.

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