Pollen Everywhere!: How to Clean Pollen Effectively

Pollen Everywhere!: How to Clean Pollen Effectively

The changing of seasons brings waves of pollen into buildings that you have to keep clean. High levels of dust and allergens can impact the indoor air quality, which can be detrimental to your customers and staff. Here's everything you need to know about how to clean pollen in your facilities.


The Risks Associated With Using Traditional Cleaning Tools

Whether you're responsible for cleaning school classrooms, offices, or health care facilities, you will find that pollen has collected on your surfaces, even if your building has climate control. Custodians who try to dust away these allergens are only going to circulate them throughout the room. This will make the air quality even worse than when the custodian started the dusting process. In order to improve the situation, your team has to remove as much dust and pollen as possible.


The best way to begin this process is by cleaning the various surfaces in the room. Traditional cleaning tools, like rags and wipes, have proven to be ineffective at removing the contaminants from these areas. Instead, they simply spread the debris around, which can lead to cross-contamination.


How to Clean Pollen in a More Efficient Manner

Custodians need the right tools to remove pollen and bacteria effectively. Cleaning tools that utilize squeegee technology are an effective and efficient method for cleaning pollen off of surfaces. In fact, according to scientific testing, this type of cleaning system performs six times better than towels or wipes. While scrubbing with rags can be time consuming, custodians could instead just spray a diluted chemical solution onto a microfiber pad and apply it to the surface. Then the squeegee can clean and dry in the same motion, which simplifies the operation. Squeegee systems can work for restroom stalls and mirrors, as well as classroom windows and desks.


Once custodians clean every surface on their checklist, they should focus on removing soil from the room's floors. As with the no-touch approach used on surfaces, the best way to remove pollen and other allergens from the floor is to spray cleaning solution and vacuum away any soils. During the seasons when allergies are most common, this step should be completed once a day.


When your custodians learn how to clean pollen off of surfaces properly, the air quality and overall cleanliness of your business will improve. By giving your cleaning team the tools they need to control the dust and debris entering your facilities on a daily basis, you can present cleaner, healthier premises to everyone who passes through.


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