Problems With Cleaning Mirrors in Your Restroom

Problems With Cleaning Mirrors in Your Restroom

Keeping commercial restroom mirrors clean and sparkling can pose a challenge, whether they're in a huge airport or a small restaurant. All restroom mirrors are subject to the same contaminants, and every cleaning job includes both removing soil and spots from the glass and shining the surface afterward. These two steps have to work in harmony to achieve a clean, streak-free mirror. This doesn't mean investing in dozens of bottles of expensive cleaning chemicals?often, the more chemicals you spray on a mirror, the worse it looks. When it comes to cleaning mirrors, the simplest method is also the best.




You can find a confusing array of substances glazed on a commercial mirror. Toothpaste dots fleck the surface, hairspray sprinkles and perfume droplets mar the shine, and even the evidence of old cleaners can make for a bleary reflection. The solution to cutting through this mess and cleaning mirrors easily is that time is your best ally, not chemicals. A simple spray application of hot water left to sit for a few minutes can cut through most substances stuck on the surface of commercial mirrors. For the toughest smudges, smears, stuck-on goo, and lipstick kisses, a spritz of white vinegar can help cut through the haze, but straight water will remove almost any substance on most kinds of mirrors.


Drying and Shining


If you dry the mirror correctly, you won't have to do any additional polishing. Traditional implements commonly used to dry mirrors include rags, microfiber cloths, paper towels, and even newspaper. While these tools can tout varying rates of success, they tend to require a decent amount of elbow grease to help them along?and they can still leave streaks behind. The secret to getting streak-free mirrors in record time is to use a squeegee to remove the moisture and soil at the same time. Using a high-quality tool, begin in one of the upper corners (left for righties, right for lefties). Pull the squeegee across the mirror, then down, up, and around in a swirl pattern until the entire surface is dry. The idea is to move the squeegee over the entire mirror without stopping and without turning a sharp corner. This reduces the chance of streaks and smears, and it will leave the mirror bright and shiny. Keep in mind that using a cheap squeegee may not yield the same, impressive results. To be sure your mirrors sparkle, use professional tools like Kaivac's heavy-duty squeegee.


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