Restaurant Grease Removal: Make Your Floors Safe

Restaurant Grease Removal: Make Your Floors Safe

Removing the grease from kitchen floors has always been the key to keeping a safe and slip-free restaurant environment. A greasy floor can defeat even the best pair of slip-free shoes, so restaurant grease removal is one of your most important safety priorities, as well as a top priority for general cleaning. Traditional mops and buckets spread grease around, and the grease sticks to the mop, meaning it can make the floor dirty again the next time you use it. Spray-and-squeegee methods simply smear the trouble around into a bigger area. Vacuum extraction is the method preferred by savvy restaurant managers, but that's just the beginning. Use the right tools and methods to ensure a clean and grease-free floor in your restaurant kitchen.



Regular cleaners won't cut through tough restaurant grease and get to the surface below. Dedicated degreasers are specifically created to break up grease and surround the individual molecules so the grease can be more easily removed. Read the manufacturer's instructions before using any commercial degreaser, and take all proper safety precautions. Wear eye protection to protect yourself from splashing droplets, and use gloves to protect your hands. Always dispose of leftover degreaser liquid safely. While many commercial degreasers have complicated disposal directions, KaiPow degreaser is Green Seal certified and can, after correct dilution, be poured down the drain for disposal.



Restaurant grease removal is a matter of patience as well as technique. Grease particles exist in small droplets in the air around fryers and other equipment, and they accumulate on floors equipment gradually. This buildup can't be cleaned by simply pouring degreaser on it and mopping up the results. The chemicals take time to work through the built-up layers and release them from the floor surface. Once you have the correct degreaser solution, spray a heavy layer of it on the floor and allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes. You'll remove more of the grease buildup and end up with much better floor traction.



Once the degreaser has loosened the grease from your floors, your goal should be to remove it completely without spreading it around and redepositing it to build up all over again. Mops and squeegees may remove some of the slippery film, but what they leave behind adheres to the floor even more stubbornly than before. The OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac system is specially designed for removing heavy grease from restaurant floors. Its construction is trans fat and grease resistant, the vacuum wand includes a brush for loosening up soil from grout and other stubborn areas, and the vacuum itself cuts floor cleaning time significantly. You'll enjoy safer floors with better traction by throwing away your old mops and buckets and picking up a specialized vacuum removal system.


To learn more about floor safety in kitchens, click here.

Kitchen Cleaning with OmniFlex
Dispense-and-Vac in Action

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