Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Products

by | Nov 13, 2020

Every customer that walks into your restaurant decides in seconds if they are going to make a purchase. They look at the quality of your products, the appearance of your employees, and the organization of your storefront. The cleanliness of your business makes a huge impression on your customers. That’s why you need to find the best tile and grout cleaning products to make that great first impression and let your customers know that you take pride in providing them with the highest quality service possible.

Cleaning greasy restaurant floors is not easy because traditional mop and bucket systems just can’t cut through tough grease. Even worse mops tend to spread the stuff around, introducing a slippery mess into every part of your establishment. This increases the chances of a slip-and-fall accident, prematurely ages your floor and hurts the bottom line. Expensive professional cleaning services used to be the only choice for restaurant operators.

These problems can be solved with the best tile and grout cleaning equipment built for blasting away tough dirt and grime from grout lines. The Kaivac Dispense-and-Vac tile cleaning system uses our powerful KaiPow™ degreaser to cut through and completely remove dirt and grease from kitchen, dining room, and even restroom floors.

Why is Grease Such a Beast

Greasy soils start in the kitchen with microscopic grease particles suspended in the air around the grill and deep fryer. These droplets eventually settle on everything: equipment hoods, walls and especially floors. There they accumulate into a hard, greasy layer impossible to penetrate with regular cleaning methods and chemicals. Cleaning greasy floors the right way can deal with the situation, but most don’t.

Traditional mops and buckets can’t cut through the grease but they can spread it around the rest or your facility. Grease tends to stick on mop heads to be redeposited elsewhere. Scrubbing only helps push the oily mess further out. 

Only a powerful kitchen floor degreaser used with a tile cleaning machine that fully removes soil can beat the grease. 

While cleanliness is important, you have more to do in your day than spend time scrubbing your floors. You value your time, and you value the time your employees are on the clock. You need efficient, effective cleaning solutions that get the job done at a price that makes sense for you. When you first opened your storefront, you imagined your tiles would be as clean as they were on day one. You may have used a tile grout cleaning machine in the past. However, it’s hard to keep your tiles shining like they did in the beginning.

The Easier Way of Removing Grease from Tile Floors

As a smart business owner, you’re budget conscious. At Kaivac, we understand, and we’re here to help. We provide food service businesses with unique commercial grade floor cleaning solutions to help you to stretch your resources. Our innovative commercial tile and grout cleaning machine cleans better and faster and save you time and money. They’re also easily repaired should something go wrong – with no tools or technicians required. All of this adds up to a rapid return on investment. Pair this with the increased likelihood that customers will make a purchase upon seeing a shining, clean storefront, and it only makes sense to purchase a Kaivac product.

Using a mop is an option to clean your hard floor, but it’s not the best choice. Mops tend to simply swish dirty water around. A mop is only as good as the person doing the mopping. It’s unlikely that you want to have an employee spend hours of their time at work meticulously mopping the floor. It’s one thing to use a mop in your home, where you only have a few people walking on the floors each day. In your business, you have hundreds (or even thousands) of people walking through on a daily basis, tracking in dirt, dust, and germs from outdoors. You care about keeping things clean, and that means that it’s time to invest in a tile cleaning machine. 

Affordable Tile and Grout Cleaning Machines

Commercial grade floor cleaning machines and other cleaning equipment are typically expensive, cumbersome, hard to train and even more difficult to repair. While it’s easy to push repair time to the back of your mind, it matters. If you’re used to having your floor cleaned by a commercial cleaner each night, it will be obvious when the job isn’t being done. In the time that your floor cleaner is out of commission, you’ll either need to hire someone to come in and do the work, or spend valuable time mopping and re-mopping yourself. 

Kaivac’s commercial grade cleaning machines aim to eliminate all of these issues, and then some. Kaivac builds machines with the operator in mind. They are ergonomic and simple to operate and can be repaired by anyone, even a non-skilled technician. It’s important to us that our machines make your life easier- not harder. Many of our customers tell us that their only regret in purchasing a Kaivac product is that they didn’t do it sooner. 

Restaurant Operators Love Kaivac Clean

Steve Howard owns and operates three sandwich operations in Louisville, KY. Cleaning was part of the employees’ job description. Obviously, Howard gave them what he thought was the best option, a mop and bucket. No matter how hard the employees worked or how many times Howard bought new mop heads, a greasy film still coated the floors. He ended up paying for twice-yearly deep cleanings for all of his locations. 

One trial cleaning with the Kaivac tile grout cleaning machine changed his approach. ‘After one use, I absolutely noticed a difference in the cleanliness and slip resistance of the floor. The film was gone,’ he says. He purchased a system for each location and plans to cancel his deep cleans. Savings from the first year alone could be in the thousands. 

Bigger savings came to Randy Hughes, kitchen manager at Quaker Steak & Lube in Florence, KY. He was spending $1000 a week for professional kitchen cleaning. But the Kaivac Dispense-and-Vac floor cleaning machine did a better, faster job and his kitchen staff liked using it. Now he gives a $300 bonus to employees that volunteer to clean and still saves $700 a week. An inspector even complimented Hughes on the cleanliness of his floors. 

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