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Dog Kennel Cleaning: How to Make a Pet Boarding Service Shine

by | Jun 15, 2015

Pet boarding operations are becoming more and more popular in the United States. If a pet boarding service wants to survive among its competitors, it must employ an effective cleaning system that will keep the animals happy and healthy throughout their stay. Here are some tips on dog kennel cleaning to keep your services spotless.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, germs and bacteria are attracted to kennels that are not cleaned properly. The organization recommends that you remove everything from the kennel, including blankets, dishes, and bowls, before you start to clean the space.

After you remove everything from the kennel, you should wash the cages and doors. In order to prevent cross-contamination, you should always perform this step before cleaning the floors. Efficient soil removal is crucial to ensuring that a kennel is safe and clean for a dog, but heavy industrial cleaning products and harsh detergents (which may irritate dogs) are not necessary to achieve this high level of clean. In fact, perfumes and deodorizers will help little if you are trying to get odors out of the kennel. You should use a Dispense-and-Vac system to effectively clean and dry the space as quickly as possible.

Cleaning Other Areas of a Pet Boarding Location

Dog kennel cleaning also includes the areas outside the actual kennel compartments themselves. By running through the list of services that your pet boarding company offers, you can determine how you should clean each different area that is frequented by pets and employees. Here are some tips on how to clean these high-traffic spots.

  1. Grooming Tables
    Most boarding operations offer pet grooming services that mimic spa treatments. When you’re cleaning tables where employees trim dogs’ fur and nails, you should first use a dry vacuum to remove any debris, as these clippings collect dust and allergens quickly. After removing this debris, you should clean the table itself, with a cleaning solution and squeegee.
  2. Bathtubs
    Washing an unwilling dog in a bathtub can be a messy experience. When cleaning a bathtub, you should first use a multipurpose cleaning system to reach high places where a pet may have splashed water. Next, you should remove soils from wet floors. The Kaivac Spray-and-Vac system can not only clean dog kennels, it is a powerful wet vac you can use anywhere.
  3. Front Desk and Administrative Areas
    The proper cleaning of telephones, desk tops, office floors, and the reception area will be critical to your company’s success. Disposable wipes are great for cleaning any administrative touch points in these areas. Before you invest in chemical treatments, you should learn about green cleaning products, which will sit better with pets and owners alike.

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