Audi and Toyota of Ft. Lauderdale Embrace Kaivac Floor Cleaning Systems

by | Dec 20, 2018

Ace Cleaning Systems of Coral Springs, Fl. recently received contracts to provide commercial cleaning services to the Audi and Toyota car dealerships in Ft. Lauderdale. Ace brought in AutoVac Stretch,™ a cost effective, portable, automated floor cleaning system, produced by Kaivac. The system replaces the outdated string mop and bucket system that both facilities were using.

Ace Cleaning uses the machines to clean restrooms and floors in car dealerships and other businesses with large amounts of foot traffic in a given day. The commercial floor cleaning system cleans better and faster than manual systems. Plus, it provides a longer lasting clean. The cordless system makes it easier to manipulate than other automated systems.

Here’s what the staff and management at the car dealerships say about Ace’s cleaning technology and service:

“The results are amazing.  I can tell the difference since they started cleaning our dealership.”

M. Defrias, Office Administrator, Toyota

“Great service and the team at ACE Cleaning is a pleasure to work with.”

Bret Macey, Executive GM, Audi

“They use top of the line cleaning products.  I would highly recommend this cleaning company to anyone.”

M. Onate, Toyota

Cleaning Through Vacuum Extraction

The Kaivac floor cleaning system uses vacuum extraction technology to remove dust, dirt, and germs from different surfaces in a single pass. This is a vast improvement over the string mop and bucket system, which tends to spread dust, dirt and germs. Conversely, the Kaivac system leaves virtually no dirt or film behind. The result is shiny floors and clean restrooms.

The AutoVac Stretch is less expensive and just as effective as much larger autoscrubbers, making it an excellent option for many types of businesses. Unlike autoscrubbers, the Kaivac system is small enough to fit in almost any janitorial closet.

The Kaivac floor cleaning system gets the job done faster than labor-intensive manual cleaning systems and saves time and money. The system significantly reduces cleaning times and is ideally suited for businesses with large open spaces, e.g. car showrooms. Businesses often see a reduction in their monthly janitorial costs when they change over to the new technology.

Ace is currently using the AutoVac Stretch in many facilities in South Florida, including office buildings, corporate offices, car dealerships, day care centers and grocery stores in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Ace’s cleaning crews embrace the technology because it reduces worker fatigue and gets the job done faster and better than manual methods. In addition, AutoVac Stretch is very easy to maintain. On the other hand, string mops and buckets are cumbersome and nearly impossible to keep clean and germ free.

The auto dealerships are very satisfied with the new technology because they’ve seen an immediate improvement in results.

Zach Shor, President, Ace Cleaning Systems

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