Six Surprising Strategies for Recruiting Workers

by | Oct 19, 2021

While it is not entirely understood why, almost every business owner will tell you they are having problems right now recruiting workers. That’s why we are seeing hiring signs just about everywhere.

Because of this, employers must start getting creative when it comes to hiring new staffers. Many in the professional cleaning industry are still recruiting the same way they did years ago. Well, here’s some breaking news: those old ways don’t work anymore.

So, how should we be recruiting workers today? Here are six surprising ways that are proving effective:

Think Green 

A February 2019 study by, Fast Company, a publication for the tech industry, found that most young people want to work for a company that is environmentally focused. But that’s the tech industry. Are there applications for the cleaning industry? Yup. 

In an interview, Stephen Ashkin, a thought leader for the professional cleaning industry, told me that due to the pandemic, cleaning workers — including future cleaning workers — are very concerned about the cleaning solutions they work with. 

“Green cleaning solutions are healthier and safer, and ensuring potential hires know they will be working with these products can help when recruiting workers,” said Ashkin.

Have a Mission Statement

Traditionally, a mission statement is designed to help current workers understand a company’s goals and purpose. However, mission statements can also help when it comes to hiring staffers. The potential hire wants to know who they may be working for and their values to see if those values align with their personal interests. A mission statement expresses those values and why this might be an excellent place to work.

Add Technology to Training

Generation Z (the Zoomers) are very comfortable learning on their own, using computers and similar technologies. They prefer this over classroom settings, for instance, or book learning. New tutoring technologies such as the KaiTutor™ from Kaivac and found on many of Kaivac cleaning tools and equipment, makes it easy to learn cleaning best practices and methods. Workers learn at their own pace, which allows them to repeat steps until all is clear and understood before they move on.

Encourage Employee-Generated Social Media

Ask current staffers to engage with your company posts on different social media platforms. Facebook and YouTube can be perfect. Potential hires will check out a company’s social media platforms to learn more about the company.  Further, positive posts and videos will encourage them to join the team. This can be a surprisingly effective tactic to recruit workers.

And by the way, if recruiting workers on LinkedIn, LinkedIn offers a video playbook on how to create compelling videos focused on appealing to new recruits. Check it out here: The Recruitment Video Playbook | LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Create a What It’s Like to Work Here Video

Many companies such as Apple create videos discussing their company culture, what the company expects of their employees, and what the company looks for when hiring new people. Create a video about what it’s like to work for you to help dispel any concerns and create excitement about your company. 

Be sure to address specific points, including training programs, how workers are supervised, disciplinary procedures, as well as reward programs. The video may weed out those that now have second thoughts about your company while encouraging others to join you and your team. 

Look for Workers in Niche Networks

Did you know inmates in some prisons around the country learn professional cleaning while serving time? In fact, many are taught professional cleaning using Kaivac Cleaning Systems. Here’s an article about it on our website.

But that’s not the only niche network. Try recruiting workers in organizations that support veterans, people with disabilities, and women that want to return to the workplace. At Kaivac, we’ve hired many staffers from niche networks who have gone on to become leaders in our company.

Robert Kravitz is a former building service contractor, having owned, operated, and then sold three contract cleaning companies in Northern California.He is the author of two books about the industry and continues to be a frequent writer for the industry. Robert is now president of AlturaSolutions Communications, which provides communications and marketing services for organizations in the professional cleaning and building industries.
Robert Kravitz
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