How to Choose Your No-Touch Cleaning System from Kaivac

by | Feb 8, 2024

Choosing a No-Touch Cleaning® system from Kaivac is smart. Armed with this technology, employees can service restrooms much faster and more completely than they ever could with mops and rags. The machines deliver consistent, repeatable results leaving restrooms fresh smelling and sparkling clean every time, no matter who does the work. 

Even more encouraging, the No-Touch Cleaning system brings dignity to an unpleasant job. Workers are empowered to clean the entire space while standing upright. There is no bending, twisting, crawling around on all fours. Plus they never have to touch contaminated surfaces.   

While opting for a better way to service restrooms is a no-brainer, deciding on the right size machine takes a bit of thought. Here’s how to pick the right size No-Touch Cleaning system—and when to choose something else.

KaiVac® 1750: Right Sized for Most Jobs

The KaiVac® 1750 is the perfect size for a wide range of facilities. With a 17-gallon fresh water/ 17-gallon vacuum recovery tank, this No-Touch Cleaning system is best suited for restrooms with waterproof walls and up to 25 fixtures (sinks/urinals/toilets). 

The mid-sized machine balances ample capacity with easy storability. The KaiVac 1750 lets workers power through the most difficult restroom cleaning tasks, leaving the space reliably clean, dry, and fresh smelling. The machine is easy to maneuver and fits into the janitor’s closet with room to spare. Its compelling price point guarantees a quick return on investment. 

KaiVac® 1250: Compact Size, Same Powerful Clean

With its 12-gallon freshwater capacity the KaiVac® 1250 is small but mighty. Just right for smaller restrooms with waterproof walls, the machine delivers the same cleaning power as the larger models. But at only 94 pounds, the compact KaiVac 1250 is even easier to maneuver, store, or transport from job to job. 

This compact size makes the KaiVac 1250 ideal for maintaining the smaller restrooms found in elementary schools, hospitals, clinics, restaurants and more. Its lower price point allows facilities with smaller budgets the same access to cleaner, healthier restrooms. Like the larger No-Touch Cleaning systems, the KaiVac 1250 can also be used in locker rooms, stairwells, kitchens, and more. 

KaiVac® 2750: Largest Capacity for Big Jobs

Stadiums, airports, and entertainment venues have multiple restrooms with lots of fixtures. Hand cleaning these high-volume spaces with a mop and rags would be a daunting task. The KaiVac 2750 makes cleaning restrooms with 25 or more fixtures and waterproof walls fast, easy, and more complete. 

The KaiVac 2750 is large, with a 27-gallon freshwater tank. Yet the machine remains highly maneuverable and easy to use. Long-range spray lines and vacuum hoses allow workers to reach every corner and crevice of a large restroom while the system stays parked. 

UniVac®: For Restrooms with Drywall

No-Touch Cleaning systems from Kaivac are designed to quickly and complete clean restrooms with waterproof walls. But what if your restroom has painted drywall or wood paneling? Sprays of cleaning solution or blasts of freshwater rinse could damage these less-than-robust building materials.  

The UniVac® however, is perfect for these spaces. Designed for small to medium restrooms with non-waterproof walls, the UniVac offers a perfect, no mop solution. While not designed to clean fixtures, the UniVac does a great job of removing soils and impurities from restroom floors. In fact, the technology cleans grouted floors 60 times better than mopping. 

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