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Use Less, Clean More with AutoVac Stretch

by | Dec 17, 2019

More efficient floor care can boost your company’s bottom line. Time is money, after all. The Kaivac AutoVac Stretch ™ offers a whole new level of cleaning efficiency. Technicians can maintain wide-area, hard surface floors like hallways, cafeterias and warehouses faster while using less water and fewer chemicals. In fact, the system is so efficient it meets LEED requirements for sustainable cleaning equipment and is certified by Green Seal for environmental innovation. 

Maintaining wide-area, hard surface floors can be fast, simple and efficient. Learn how to stretch your cleaning resources without losing any cleaning effectiveness with the Kaivac AutoVac Stretch.

Big Floors are Big Jobs

Wide-area hard surface floors are everywhere from warehouses to schools to big box stores and more. Usually highly-trafficked spaces, these floors take a beating from heavy foot traffic, tracked in dirt, salts and soils and rolling loads. Yet high-impact spaces like these are still expected to look clean, shiny and well maintained every day. 

A microfiber mop can remove some of the soil, but manually servicing tens of thousands of square feet of floor area every day is burdensome. An autoscrubber will certainly get the job done better and faster than a mop but the technology still uses a lot of water, cleaning chemicals and time. Plus, autoscrubbers are expensive to buy, hard to use and difficult to maintain. 

No wonder keeping wide areas of hard surface floors clean is such a headache!

AutoVac Stretch for More Efficient Floor Care

The AutoVac Stretch performs as well or better than an autoscrubber. It removes more targeted soils in just one pass, and technicians usually don’t have to dust mop before cleaning or trail mop after. Plus, the technology is simple to use and easy to repair. 

Thanks to a unique recycling option coupled with superior soil removal technology, the AutoVac Stretch is extremely water-efficient. This combination allows technicians to clean more than 25,000 square feet of hard surface flooring an hour, using just 11 gallons of water and roughly 16 ounces of cleaning chemicals. Less work stoppage for refills and less chemicals means more efficient floor cleaning for you and your staff. 

Built with productivity and efficiency in mind, the Kaivac AutoVac Stretch:

  • Cleans more than 25,000 square feet per hour
  • Conserves 75% or more of water 
  • Reduces chemical use by over 66%
  • Leaves floors clean, dry and 25% shinier

More Efficient, Greener Cleaning

Kaivac’s AutoVac Stretch is so efficient it can help companies meet LEED O&M requirements for sustainable cleaning equipment. It’s unique recycling option and innovative double filter system allows technicians to safely reuse cleaning solution without impacting effectiveness. This cuts down on water and chemical usage, allowing users to stretch their cleaning resources without sacrificing results. 

It also saves time by cutting down the need to empty and refill the tank. 

Simple Technology Delivers Better Floor Care

Autoscrubbers are expensive to buy and require professional maintenance when something goes wrong. Even worse, they’re tricky to use which means lots of expensive staff training. Kaivac’s AutoVac Stretch costs 70-80% less than an equivalently-sized autoscrubbers and can be easily maintained without special tools or downtime. 

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