Best Restroom Cleaner for Hard Water Stains

by | May 27, 2021

Hard water stains and mineral deposits are more than just ugly. Sure, fixtures marred with limescale, soap scum or rust spots look dingy, unpleasant and neglected, even if they were just cleaned. But leave these spots in place long enough and mineral deposits can permanently stain surfaces, leading to early failure, costly replacement, and ugly surfaces.   

Removing stubborn mineral deposits and build up often requires harsh chemicals and a lot of scrubbing. For commercial restrooms, filled with multiple toilets, urinals and sinks, this method takes too much time and effort to be practical.

Using the right restroom cleaner chemicals from the start, however, combats hard water stains, mineral deposits and soap scum build up without harsh compounds, abrasives or elbow grease. With regular use, restroom fixtures are left clean, dry and hard-water-stain free.

What are Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains are caused by mineral-rich water evaporating and leaving compounds behind. Water hardness is defined by the US Geological Survey as the amount of dissolved minerals, mostly calcium and magnesium, in the water. This naturally occurring phenomenon is harmless to human health. But hard or very hard water can be detrimental, prematurely aging plumbing and appliances.

It is estimated that 85% of the Unites States has hard water. However, even slightly or moderately hard water will still leave unsightly mineral deposits of calcium, silica and lime behind after evaporating. 

The problem is most obvious in the restroom where water is in continuous use. Toilets, for example, develop unattractive hard water stains in the shape of a ring as water in the bowl evaporates.

Because they add soap to the mix, sinks and shower areas present even more challenges. Hard water prevents soap from dissolving completely. Instead, the soap bonds with the minerals creating a pesky, hard-to-remove film that sticks to everything. Leave it in place long enough and soap scum will permanently etch surfaces, particularly glass shower doors.

Restroom Cleaner Chemicals Combat Stains

Regular maintenance with the right restroom cleaner chemicals will keep hard water stains, mineral deposits and soap scum at bay. Professionals should choose a product with fast-acting, mild acids. This formulation de-scales mineral deposits and removes soap scum by design.

Kaivac recommends KaiBlooey for everyday restroom cleaning and de-scaling. This high-performance formula removes dangerous restroom soils, germs, and microbes while breaking down soap scum and eliminating lime scales. Using it, cleaning pros create clean, fresh-smelling restrooms free of water spots, mineral deposits, and unattractive films.

Kaivac Chemicals Save Money and Protect Workers

Kaivac designed KaiBlooey chemicals to specifically work with Kaivac machines. Restroom cleaners should choose gallon size product for Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning machines or pre-portioned packets for Kaivac floor machines.

Kaivac systems automatically dilute chemicals to keep workers safe and eliminate overuse. Use the safety cap system to control usage of the gallon-size product.

This system has:

  • A built-in check valve to prevent back-flow into the chemical bottle
  • Color-coded tips to control accurate metering
  • Built-in filter to prevent contamination of chemical injector, pump and spray gun
  • Deep coloring to ensure visibility so workers know the system is working

KaiBlooey also comes in pre-portioned packets for use in Kaivac floor machines.

Pre-measured packets:

  • Eliminate costly dispensing systems
  • Improve accuracy and remove guesswork
  • Improve inventory control and accountability
  • Increase productivity as workers carry extra product on board

Whether in gallon jugs or pre-portioned packets, KaiBlooey offers chemical savings and worker protection.

Kaivac Chemicals Protect Your Investment

While restroom cleaners can use KaiBlooey with any system, the chemicals are specifically designed for wet vacuum cleaning systems. They are low foaming so excess foam and useless suds do not fill the collection tank. This prevents premature shut off or damage to motors.

Kaivac is so confident in their restroom cleaner chemicals that they will extend equipment warrantees to customers who use them exclusively in their Kaivac machines. The entire suite of Kaivac chemicals deliver performance, safety, and value. Add KaiBlooey to your restroom cleaning arsenal to deliver great looking, hard-water-stain-free spaces.  

Eliminate hard water stains and soap scum for good with Kaivac restroom cleaner chemicals.  

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