Warehouse Floor Cleaning: Are You Wasting Money on Tools and Labor?

by | May 20, 2015

It’s often difficult for business owners who are running a high-volume operation to clean warehouse floors thoroughly. The best method should ideally combine superior cleaning technology with affordable equipment. A comprehensive solution for warehouse floor cleaning will prevent you from wasting your time and money.

The Challenge of Cleaning Warehouse Floors

During the course of a normal workday, warehouse floors accumulate debris from forklift tires, wooden planks, stocked materials, fuel spills, and various other sources. To make matters more complicated, many warehouses operate outside of business hours to accommodate late-night and early-morning deliveries. This constant activity makes it difficult for teams to clean spaces thoroughly while keeping conditions safe for employees.

Floor safety statistics prove that the system in place is not working. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), over two million slip-and-fall accidents take place every year due to dangerous floor conditions. Claims on these accidents average thousands of dollars. Cleaning and maintaining floors obviously helps to prevent these accidents.

Bulky Scrubbers for Floor Cleaning

Auto-scrubbers are often used for warehouse floor cleaning because they have the ability to remove a lot of dirt from floors. Though autoscrubbers are pretty good at cleaning, they are expensive to run and maintain. Another drawback is that these machines require extensive training because they are difficult to operate.

They are also time intensive because they need many extra steps to clean a floor. Before machine operation, cleaners must run a dust mop across the floor. After running, custodians must keep the floor clear so that employees are not in danger of slipping on wet surfaces. Unless you have prolonged periods of inactivity in your warehouse, this method does not offer a safe solution. In addition, the multiple passes custodians must make over the same floor space will waste time and money.

Best Warehouse Floor Cleaning Machines

It’s clear that bulky auto-scrubbers are not ideal to clean warehouse floors. The less expensive, more effective option is a walk-behind floor cleaning machine like Kaivac AutoVac Floor Machine or the green sustainable AutoVac Stretch. These machines eliminate most of the drawbacks of autoscrubbers at a fraction of the cost.

With these machines, custodians can single pass clean floors to remove 99.8% of soil while moving much faster—up to 16,000 square feet per hour. No more need for dust mopping and they do not require pricey parts and maintenance. Best of all, floor cleaning machines from Kaivac are much less expensive than their alternative. The initial purchase price can be as low as 10 percent that of an autoscrubber of the same size.

Learn more information about Kaivac products to use for safe, cost-effective industrial and warehouse floor cleaning.

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