How to Reach Your Green Cleaning Goals in Floor Care

by | Apr 30, 2021

As sustainability needs grow, companies are facing the task of meeting green cleaning goals associated with their cleaning regimen. Lucky for them, Kaivac’s innovative approach to floor care offers a viable, cost-effective method to lower water consumption, labor, and chemical use. However, it also improves outcomes and extends the reach of tight budgets.

It is appropriately called AutoVac Stretch™. As the name implies, it enables more—and better—cleaning and optimizes floor care through its 10-gallon solution delivery, recovery, filtration, and reuse method; in a classic application of the Recycle, Reduce, Reuse green cycle.

How It Works

The compact system has a mop-bucket footprint. It features a unique water-saving, recovery method of cleaning that:

  1. Recycles by dispensing solution to the floor to start the solution recovery and cleaning cycle. A single-fill process reduces water usage by 75%.
  2. Reduces solution used through vacuum-recovery, cleaning, filtering, and reapplication of filtered solution.
  3. Reuses restored solution that retains excellent soil-removal ability. This enables a 66% reduction in chemical usage. In addition, there is no loss of cleaning effectiveness despite the reduction in chemical usage. Comparison tests show 99.8% removal of soil (AutoVac Stretch) vs. 99.4% (Auto scrubber) vs. 50.9% (Microfiber Mop).

A Certified Green Clean

Kaivac’s approach to green cleaning in floorcare is proven effective. AutoVac Stretch is Green Seal® certified for Environmental Innovation. The certification is based on reduced environmental toxicity, waste minimization, use of verified environmentally-preferable products, and conservation of energy and water.

Stretch the Cleaning Budget

Budget is equally as important as meeting green cleaning goals for most companies. AutoVac Stretch can actually save on your cleaning budget. According to ISSA and manufacturer-provided statistics, autoscrubbers typically clean 500 square feet per gallon of solution. In contrast, AutoVac Stretch cleans 2,500 square feet per gallon. In other words, with its 10 gallon capacity, it cleans 25,000 square feet per hour. That’s equal to a 50-gallon autoscrubber at a fraction of the cost.  

In other words, AutoVac Stretch saves time and labor by significantly reducing the need to empty and refill the tank.

Other Benefits

  • 1/3rd the cost of an equivalent auto scrubber
  • Labor-saving; better and faster than mopping
  • Lower cost of ownership with simple design and very little to malfunction or repair
  • Fits with LEED-compliance goals and offers water-savings and healthier outcomes than mopping
  • As it vacuums, it can eliminate pre-sweeping, and removes grit from floors improving floor gloss by 25%.
Allen Rathey is the principal of the Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI), director of the Indoor Wellness Council (IWC), and author of articles about best practices in cleaning and indoor environmental management.*The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) and the Indoor Wellness Council (IWC) do not endorse products.
Allen Rathey
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